What to Do When Elderly Parents Refuse Help?  Best Online Geriatric Psychologist Near Me.

If you are at your wits end about what to do when elderly parents refuse help, you need to turn to an online geriatric psychologist near you for guidance and emotional support.

what to do when elderly parents refuse help

If you have found yourself asking where to turn for help,  we may just have the ideal solution for you.

How do I find the best geriatric psychologist near me?

Betterhelp offers online methods of therapy. With Betterhelp you will find a therapist near you who can offer unlimited sessions and chats at a fixed weekly fee. You will probably find that these online methods of therapy are more affordable and are as effective as face-to-face consultations.

Betterhelp is your best option to find an online geriatric psychologist nearby for helping elderly parents.

You can get started on your road to this online method of therapy right now by filling out this questionnaire carefully. BetterHelp will use your answers to match you with a geriatric psychologist who is best suited your needs. Please provide as much detail as possible to ensure the right match for you.

When you struggle to cope with aging parents who stubbornly refuse your help, we here at Psychology Help highly recommend that you turn to Betterhelp.

Betterhelp has no problem changing online therapists if you, their client, choose to do so.

To support the cost of our psychology-educated staff and IT development, we may receive compensation if you sign up for online counseling services we recommend.

Get matched with a geriatric psychologist.

Effective, convenient, and affordable online sessions. Start by filling out our survey in its entirety.

When you take on the responsibility of looking after your elderly parents, you adopt the role of a caregiver. You will be challenged both physically and mentally and, unless you seek online therapy support, your health can suffer. Making use of a geriatric psychologist will give you the emotional stability to ensure that you continue to give your parents the quality care they deserve.

You are not the only family member who experiences periods of frustration and sadness when dealing with depressed and negative elderly parents.

These are normal reactions and in no way reflect inadequacy or failure on your part. It is simply an emotional reaction to the stress you will experience caring for an elderly parent.

Caring for an elderly parent, particularly if they harbor negative feelings, can make caregivers feel overwhelmed and trapped. Feelings of anger, depression and resentment can be the by-product if this situation is ignored.

Mental health problems are particularly prevalent among caregivers of parents suffering from dementia. A study of how Alzheimer’s affects families, reveals that 43.6 percent of caregivers suffer from anxiety, 34 percent from depression and 27.2 percent make use of psychotropic drugs.

With Betterhelp, online geriatric therapy is just a phone call away. With the assistance of a professional therapist, you will receive the emotional support you need. A skilled therapist will help you to improve your communication skills with your aging parent, strengthen your ability to solve problems, and teach you how to set boundaries.

What do you do when elderly parent refuses needed care.

Geriatric social worker, Sofia Amirpoor, discusses:

  • Parents who refuse help
  • Parents who refuse to downsize
  • Parents who keep falling but still refuse help
  • Parents who won’t move to assisted living
  • Parents who won’t stop driving
  • Parents who won’t let you help them clean their house or manage their money

Why is a distressing situation?

It is natural to become distressed when your aging parents refuse help. Watching your elderly parents decline, physically and mentally, is stressful, particularly if one of them has Alzheimer’s and the other an injury from falling, like a broken hip. Yet, despite these drawbacks, they stubbornly refuse help.

Online geriatric therapy can help you face the difficult conversations you will have to have with your aging parents, as well as assisting you to cope emotionally with this distressing situation.

How does online geriatric psychotherapy work?

Geriatric psychotherapy for caregiving family members in the form of online counseling is a great option, particularly if your situation makes it difficult for you to leave home.

With Betterhelp, you will receive unlimited chat sessions from empathetic geriatric therapists to help you cope with this challenging situation.

Online geriatric psychotherapy will help you to deal with the inevitable social isolation that caring for your elderly parents will create. Apart from anxiety and stress, online therapy will also help you deal with negative thinking, depression, feelings of bereavement, and associated mental impacts.

Caring for elderly parents becomes increasingly challenging in cases involving Alzheimer’s and cancer.

How will a geriatric psychologist help me to treat my elderly parents?

Milestones in our lives that are acknowledged as stressors are the physical and mental impact suffered by family members who care for elderly parents.

In what can only be described as a reversal of roles – when adult children become carers of their elderly parents – past resentments can bubble to the surface, adding tension to an already stressful situation.

That is why online geriatric therapy is a vital tool for a family caregiver. It offers them the where-with-all to manage their own mental health, while providing their elderly parents with the best care they can possibly give.

Benefits of online geriatric therapy and counseling include:

  • Helping you to handle difficult emotions and reach solutions
  • Assisting you to cope with grief, an emotion that can overwhelm you when watching the changes taking place in your aging parents’ lives, particularly in the case of Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia
  • It will help you to function more effectively within your own family circle
geriatric psychologist near me

How BetterHelp will help you.

There is no doubt that looking after your elderly parents will affect you both physically and psychologically.

The situation can become extremely tense as parents resist their loss of independence. They can also become resentful at their loss of control and perceive you as taking over their lives.

By turning to Betterhelp, you will receive online professional guidance and geriatric psychology therapy to help you cope with this emotional period of your life.

Betterhelp will assist you to cope with:

  • Personality changes due to the aging process
  • The onset of grief as you watch the decline in your parents’ health, particularly in the case of Alheimer’s and other types of dementia
  • Increasing memory lapses as they age
  • Dealing with cognitive issues like confusion, short-lived attention spans, a lapse in personal hygiene, and loss of memory
  • The impact of medication on their personality


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