Online Sex Therapy. The Best  psychosexual therapy near me.

 Are you experiencing issues in your sex life and could use some psychosexual therapy near me?

The most affordable and anonymous route for help is with online sex therapy: it’s convenient, discreet and professional, and you can access counselors from the comfort of your home that address any emotional or mental issues you might be experiencing.

Online Sex Therapy

Psychology Sessions from Home

Specifically Regain, if your partner will join you for it and Better Help if you are seeking psychosexual therapy for yourself.

Both have thousands of therapists, many of which are specialized in sex therapy.

You start by filling in their survey that makes sure to match you with the sex therapist that is best suited to help you.

Then you’ll get access to a therapist and sex coach online within minutes with unlimited sessions.

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We all know it happens, we all know it doesn’t always go as planned, but it is not something people are normally happy about talking about. However, the amount of different issues people can experience can be surprising:

Issues can include:

  • Low sex drive
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Body image issues
  • Excessive or low sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Uncontrollable sexual behaviours
  • Distressing sexual thoughts
  • Undesirable sexual fantasies
  • Difficulty in reaching orgasm

Issues relating to sex are also incredibly common, with over 30 percent of men and over 40 percent of women reporting issues at some point in their lives*. These issues can increase in prevalence as people get older too.

Unfortunately, there is a huge stigma attached to sexual problems. This means many suffer in silence, or, due to the lack of conversations happening around the issue, people think they are different and feel too ashamed to seek help.

The good news is increasingly easy to access thanks to the internet and online psychosexual therapy, online sex coaches, the ability to talk to sex therapists online and also sex therapy exercises.

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So, what is Sex Therapy?

We often here about sex therapy in the news in relation to Hollywood stars. However, sexual problems can affect anyone and as such sex therapy is available to everyone.

Sex therapy looks to help people overcome any physical, mental and emotional and let people experience more satisfying relationships without the negative issues sexual problems can bring.

Sex therapy is a talk based therapy which can be done one on one or with couples. The therapist will help guide you through thought processes, fears, worries and experiences that are underlying the sexual problems you are experiencing.

This can leave people feeling very vulnerable but it is important to understand that everything is done in the strictest of confidence and your therapist wants to help you.

psychosexual therapy

Sex therapy tends to focus more on the symptoms an individual or couple are experiencing whereas psychosexual therapy may attempt to look into understanding the underlying issues which are behind these symptoms.

It is up to you how far you want to take a therapy session. It is important to understand the limits of your therapist’s skills too, although this is something that will be talked about and understood in the first consultation session.

Beyond speaking about your problems, the therapist will provide interventions, coping mechanisms and/or step by step instructions designed to help you make progress to where you would like to be sexually.

Initial appointments usually involve the therapist getting to know you and your issues as well as helping you to relax and feel comfortable about opening up. It is important to understand, especially in sessions involving couples, that the therapist is not there to take sides or assign blame.

They are also not here to persuade or coerce a person into doing something they are not comfortable with. Whilst the therapy may be challenging for some, your limits and dignity are always a priority.

Each session is designed to help you progress forward in a supported and informed way, whether that is though better management of sexual situations or acceptance of issues which are causing sexual dysfunctions.

The therapist may also assign tasks to be completed between sessions, which you would then report on during the next session or record in a diary.

What is not involved in Psychosexual Therapy?

Sex therapy does not involve nudity, touching, intimate or otherwise, or sex. Sex therapy is much like any other type of psychotherapy. In the online environment this would also mean no cyber-sex or related acts.

sex therapist

How does Online Sex Therapy with a sex coach differ to face to face therapy?

Online sex therapy is very similar to face to face therapy sessions, with the most obvious difference being you are not in the same from as the therapist.

This can be an advantage for many, because, as previously mentioned, there is often a stigma attached to therapy generally, and even more so sex therapy.

The nature of online psychosexual therapy allows a far greater level of control for the person seeking help. By performing online sessions, you can control the level of anonymity you wish to have. You do not have to use your real name; you do not even have to show your face if you choose not to.

Also in this regard, no one need even know you are attending sex therapy sessions as you can do them anywhere and anytime that is convenient for you.

To talk to a sex therapist online means not having to attend a clinic and wait in a reception. You do not even have leave work or home, which may invite uncomfortable questions you would rather avoid.

If you are seeing a therapist as a couple, being in a familiar environment such as you house can also help people open up, meaning progress can be made more quickly.

The freedom online sex therapy offers can really benefit in reliving some of the anxiety around seeking help.

How do I know if I need a sex therapist or sex coach?

 If you are finding it difficult to go about your daily life without obtrusive sexual thoughts continually distracting you, then an online sex therapist or online sex coach may be able to help you. By seeking help you may be better able to maintain working relationships and be less disturbed by these thought throughout the day.

Alternatively, if you are finding personal relationships difficult due to fears and anxiety not just about sex but touching and intimacy in general, then a sex therapist would be the best person to contact to overcome these issues.

Seeking professional help will let you take back control of your life and move forward in the way you desire.

Will an online sex coach work for me?

Not every online sex therapist or online sex coach is the same. It is important to find one you are comfortable with and you feel works for you. This is no different to any kind of psychotherapy.

When you find someone you feel works for you, sex therapy can be an effective way for individuals and couple to communicate in a productive way, to be open and honest about their thoughts, feelings and experiences in a safe place, and to overcome the obstacles and challenges that are inhibiting a healthy, happy relationship.

There is no need to continue suffering thinking help is hard to find. Online sex therapy is at your fingertips. And remember, the first step of seeking professional assistance often seems the scariest, but it is often built up in our minds to be something far bigger than it really is. Online sex therapy can be anonymous and convenient. There is no need to even talk to a sex therapist online as you can go through sex therapy exercises by way of email if you prefer. There is no reason not to try it.

Finally, if there is a medical issue present, your therapist may refer you to a physician for further consultation.



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