Psychologist for self esteem – How therapy and counselling can help low self esteem.

If you are suffering from low self esteem then you may be wondering about the best way to increase it.

Although Low self esteem itself is not considered a diagnosable mental health condition, if low self esteem is not increased it can increase your likelihood of developing mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.

This blog post will be exploring what self esteem is, some of the symptoms associated with low self esteem and how accessing help from a psychologist for self esteem through online self esteem counselling can help to increase your self esteem.

psychologist for self esteem

What is self esteem?

Self esteem refers to the thoughts, opinions and feelings you have about yourself, such as your abilities, your strengths and weaknesses and your future plans. A person with a normal level of self esteem is generally positive about themselves and their future; whilst it is normal to experience periods of doubt and worry, if this is occurring frequently with little positive thoughts about themselves then they may be experiencing low self esteem.

Self esteem can have a major impact on all aspects of an individual’s life as a person’s self esteem can be a defining factor when making life decisions. A person with low self esteem may not feel they are deserving or worthy of pursuing a hobby, career or social relationships they may want due to their low self esteem.

If you feel you suffer from low self esteem then accessing help with confidence and self esteem via self esteem counselling may be beneficial. Here at Psychology Help we offer therapy for low self esteem that is delivered by experienced psychologists specialising in this field with years of experience.

How does low self esteem develop?

Low self esteem can develop from a variety of factors including but not limited to:

Childhood development

Often low self esteem can develop in childhood, this may due to messages you may have received from parents, peers, schools and siblings. Individuals with low self esteem may have internalised any opinions concerning lack of abilities or negative opinions of themselves they may have heard from others and ignored any potential positive opinions and encouragements. Therapy for low self esteem would be useful in this situation as it could help you explore why you have internalised the negative thinking patterns at a young age, as well as helping you to challenge and overcome these thinking patterns.

Significant events

There are a range of life events that can result in low self esteem and negative opinions of oneself including but not limited to bereavements, divorces and relationship breakdowns and serious illnesses. Accessing a psychologist for self esteem issues relating to significant events would be helpful as the specific event could be explored in detail, allowing you to tackle the negative view of yourself and your worth that has developed since the event(s).

Personality Traits

Some individuals’ personalities result in them engaging in more negative thinking patterns than other people, this can make a person more likely to experience periods of low self esteem in their life. Although self esteem counselling cannot change your personality traits, seeing a psychologist for self esteem concerns may enable to you to learn tools and techniques that could be used in day to day life to raise your self esteem levels in a supported way.

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What are some of the symptoms of low self esteem?

Symptoms and signs that you may be experiencing low self esteem and would benefit from self esteem counselling could include but are not limited to:

  • Not trusting your own opinions
  • Putting too much value on others’ opinions
  • Needing constant validation from others
  • Being unable to accept compliments
  • Negative self-talk
  • Taking a negative view of yourself and the external world


therapy for low self esteem

How can therapy help with confidence and self esteem?

Therapy for low self esteem can be an effective method to gain help with confidence and self esteem issues. In self esteem counselling the therapist and client can explore how the clients negative thinking may be maintaining their esteem issues. Negative thinking patterns about oneself could have developed through conditioning during childhood or adulthood as outlined above. Some people internalise and place more importance on any negatives about themselves, either produced by themselves or by others, leading to low self esteem.

Once the therapist and the client have some idea of the types of events and thinking patterns that have been developed in relation to low self esteem they can then work together to challenge and overcome the thinking patterns leading to the low self esteem.

Online therapy for low self esteem has been found to be as effective as in person therapy, with the added advantage of taking place where and when you want. Online therapy may be especially helpful for people with low self esteem if their self esteem issues affect their comfortability with new situations, such as travelling to a therapy appointment. Online therapy may alleviate some of the challenging thoughts and feelings that may occur by walking into a traditional therapist office.

Engaging with online counselling, such as that offered by psychology help, can help people to address their self esteem issues without needing to leave the home, thus increasing the likelihood of an effective therapy session due to the client being more relaxed and ready to overcome their issues.

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How to find an online pyshcologist for self esteem

There are a variety of websites offering online therapy for self esteem, so first you should be checking the credentials of any service provider you are considering. The website should look professional, and have details of the psychologists and therapists’ qualifications, specialisms and years of experience.

If you cannot access any of this information, then the service may not be reliable and trustworthy.

Here at Psychology Help we have numerous fully qualified and licenced psychologists with a wide range of experience in helping people overcome a variety of factors, including increasing individuals’ self esteem. Using evidence-based methods, psychologists at Psychology Help will provide you with a variety of tools and techniques which can be used to stop negative thinking patterns and increase your self esteem.

If you are interested in online counselling and you think increasing your self esteem be beneficial for you, then contact us on the button below to make an appointment. After a member of the team reads your description of the issues you wish to address you will be matched to a psychologist specialising in your area of need.





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