Childhood Trauma and Nightmare Disorder, Treatment. Best Online Imagery Rehearsal Therapy Near Me.

Adults who suffer from childhood trauma can cause nightmare disorders or parasomnia, which is a type of sleep disorder where unpleasant or undesirable experiences happen while you’re either falling asleep, asleep, or waking up from sleep. Nightmares usually only occur during the stage of sleep called REM sleep, Rapid Eye Movement. However, the exact cause of nightmares has not been discovered.

If you are challenged with chronic nightmares, experiencing childhood trauma nightmares, or are realizing the symptoms and signs of childhood trauma, it’s important for you to connect to a professional who deals with childhood trauma or nightmare disorders through imagery rehearsal therapy.

How do I find a good specialist in imagery rehearsal therapy?

Imagery rehearsal therapy (IRT) is a cognitive-behavioral form of therapy that helps to reduce the number of nightmares and decrease the intensity of childhood trauma nightmares. IRT focuses directly on helping those that suffer from PTSD relieve their shock from traumatic events.

Childhood Trauma Nightmares

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 Imagery rehearsal therapy has proven to be very successful with previous patients struggling with childhood trauma nightmares and chronic nightmares. BetterHelp has over 20 000 trained, experienced and certified psychologists, therapists, and coaches that have been intricately and extensively taught to help our patients that are dealing with challenges such as nightmare disorders, how to manage childhood trauma nightmares, looking to understand what childhood trauma is and the effects thereof, as well as helping our people discover ways and methods of nightmare therapy that works best for them after uncovering the signs of childhood trauma.

Imagery rehearsal treatment for nightmares is one of the best methods of therapy for understanding childhood trauma through therapy for nightmares. Our trauma specialists are here to give you the guidance and knowledge you deserve to know about nightmare disorders and childhood trauma.

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BetterHelp online methods of imagery rehearsal therapy are the most suitable option for you to start your journey to healing from and fully understanding childhood trauma, learning about your nightmare disorder and childhood trauma nightmares. It is imperative that you choose a childhood trauma therapist that is experienced, trained, and certified to be able to guide and assist you best in your current situation.

As a team of highly trained therapists, specialists, and coaches, we highly recommend using BetterHelp online methods of therapy. All our specialists are there to assist you and are all highly professional, experienced, and certified to assist you in any challenges you may be overwhelmed by facing alone.

Online methods of therapy have been able to assist thousands of people who are struggling with challenges much like yours, childhood trauma nightmares, understanding what a nightmare disorder is, how to identify the signs of childhood trauma, understanding childhood trauma on its own and how it affects adults if left unresolved through the best online imagery rehearsal therapy near me.

BetterHelp has made it easy for you to start your nightmare disorder treatment or imagery rehearsal therapy. Connect to your personal childhood trauma specialist for adults in just one click: answer this questionnaire carefully, shortly thereafter you will be matched with a professional, experienced and certified childhood trauma nightmare psychologist for adults. These questions are formulated intricately for us to connect you to the best possible childhood trauma nightmare specialist for you in order to start your journey of healing.

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What is nightmare disorder?

A nightmare disorder is often referred to by doctors and specialists as parasomnia – a type that involves a severe amount of undesirable experiences that occur as you fall asleep, while you’re asleep, or just waking up. Nightmares commonly occur during REM sleep, (rapid eye movement), this is the deepest stage of sleep.

There are various causes of nightmares or nightmare disorders in adults. These causes range from unresolved childhood trauma, traumatic life experiences, suppressed emotions, and even day-to-day stressors left unattended.

A quick look at the common nightmare triggers:

  1. Stress or anxiety from external factors.

As adults, we go through multiple stressors, whether it be work or personal stressors. Sometimes the day-to-day challenges that we face can trigger nightmares, a death or a big change in routine can also contribute to causing anxiety and stress which can lead to nightmares.

2․Trauma. (Childhood or unresolved).

Nightmares are common after a traumatic experience like an accident, a death of a loved one, or physical or sexual abuse. These traumas can cause PTSD which as a result can leave a victim challenged with nightmares of these events. If left untreated through nightmare therapy can develop into a chronic nightmare disorder.

3․Sleep deprivation.

Lack of sleep or severe sleep deprivation is a drastic change in routine, resulting in shock in the body which can cause anxiety and stress, causing nightmares. A change in your sleep schedule can also cause insomnia.


Certain scheduled drugs – antidepressants, beater blockers, high blood pressure medications, etc., have an effect on the brain’s cognitive ability to process normal stress which causes nightmares.

5․Substance misuse.

The excessive use of drugs and alcohol or withdrawal severely impacts the body and the brain, triggering nightmares.

6․Other disorders.

Depression, anxiety, or other mental or medical conditions are known to cause nightmares and nightmare disorders.

Can a childhood trauma cause nightmare disorder?

Nightmare Disorder Treatment

Unfortunately, trauma is a more common experience in childhood life than we realize, and are directly connected to severe health-related challenges and concerns throughout childhood and adulthood. The simple answer is yes, childhood trauma can cause nightmare disorders.

Nightmares are common in the early childhood stages as a result of a traumatic experience, this continues long into the lifespan of adulthood. Nightmare disorders are strongly associated with and triggered by stress, anxiety, and trauma. Imagery rehearsal therapy for nightmare disorders and childhood trauma nightmares has been used as an effective method of therapy to help patients cope, manage and heal their childhood trauma in order to stop their chronic nightmares.

In adulthood it is common to experience the signs of childhood trauma when faced with unresolved challenges: 

  1. Unexplained strong reactions to certain people

If you have ever felt ‘off’ about someone, it could be an indication of childhood trauma in adults. Your body naturally goes into protective mode as a reaction to something about someone that reminds you of a traumatic past incident or person. This is when nightmare disorders begin to develop over time.

2․Uneasiness in certain places

The brain subconsciously attaches places to memories through colors, smells, shapes, people, and emotions, it can be unexplained but places can trigger anxiety, stress, and unpleasant emotions as a reaction to your traumatic experience as a child. Being in similar settings can trigger a deep fear causing your body to respond in flight or fight mode.

3․Extreme unexplained emotional shifts

 Someone that’s experiencing childhood trauma in their adulthood can experience intense emotional shifts at random. As a result, causes intense childhood trauma nightmares, and nightmare disorder, As it is, emotions are already hard to control and understand, those facing childhood trauma in adulthood may find it even more difficult, and you may sometimes find yourself getting extremely angry over something small or maybe going from very relaxed to suddenly anxious and uneasy due to a trigger you may not even realize consciously.

4․Attachment issues

Living with childhood trauma as an adult and nightmare disorders and issues experience a deep sense of fear of abandonment, and attachment issues stem from past traumatic events, resulting in developmental disruptions. You may find yourself becoming extremely attached to someone and getting overly upset, angry, or fearful of them leaving, for example, if a partner is going out with friends or out of town, this causes fear and anxiety.

Online nightmare disorder therapy for adults, childhood trauma therapy for adults, or imagery rehearsal therapy for nightmares through BetterHelp specialists will help you manage and overcome childhood trauma nightmares and teach you how to deal with nightmare disorders.


Most people experience anxiety throughout their lives, however, those experiencing unresolved childhood trauma  may have higher and more intense symptoms of anxiety. As you go through unresolved childhood trauma therapy or counseling with a trained professional trauma specialist for adults, you will start to uncover how your anxiety is linked to your childhood traumas.

6․Childish reactions

Outbursts of childishness and immaturity are normal on occasion in adults, but if you are experiencing these reactions and outbursts more frequently that regress you into a child-like state, typically that is identified as a sign of dealing with childhood trauma in adults. These reactions are usually being overly angry about small things, speaking in a childlike voice when you’re angry, and even being unnecessarily stubborn and unwilling to hear other people’s perspectives.

7․Constant exhaustion

Mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion are indicators of suppressed and unresolved childhood trauma, if you are feeling drained most of the time, it’s because your brain has subconsciously repressed these emotions, and most of your energy is spent on that instead of allowing you to have a full and energetic life that you deserve.

8․Difficulty coping in normally stressful situations

Life is known to put you through constant stressors, from work-life, family, and personal circumstances. Adults dealing with unresolved or repressed childhood trauma find it hard to cope in these situations, causing them to lash out or withdraw as a coping mechanism to protect themselves.

How does online imagery rehearsal therapy for nightmares work?

magery rehearsal therapy (IRT) is a cognitive-behavioral form of therapy that helps to reduce the number of nightmares and decrease the intensity of childhood trauma nightmares. IRT focuses directly on helping those that suffer from PTSD relieve their shock from traumatic events.

Image rehearsal therapy targets nightmares directly in order to reduce the frequency and intensity. Nightmare disorders affect about 4% of adults, living with a condition like this has been known to cause recurrent disturbing dreams that cause distress and can affect other areas of your life.

IRT (Image rehearsal therapy) is known to improve:

  • Reduces the frequency of nightmares
  • Decreases the distress caused by nightmares
  • Improves quality of sleep

How will imagery rehearsal therapy for nightmares help me recover and reform my life?

You are immediately putting yourself in a position to get your life back, you are allowing yourself to deal with your challenges directly and learning how to overcome them with the guidance of a childhood trauma therapist for adults

By choosing online image rehearsal therapy for childhood nightmares and nightmare disorders in adults, these sessions with BetterHelp, we reassure you that you will learn how to deal with the childhood trauma in your adult life that is causing you nightmares, and guide you through the process of understanding childhood trauma and overcoming it. Through image rehearsal therapy you will avoid the effects your condition may have on day-to-day life as an adult. It’s important to heal your challenges in order for you to grow as an individual and take control of your emotions so that it does not affect your ability to enjoy a full, energetic and self-fulfilling life.

Dealing with childhood trauma nightmares and nightmares disorders will teach you a lot about yourself and guide you to becoming the person are striving to be. Release the childhood trauma that is holding you back and get healed today with BetterHelp.

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