Adultery Counseling: Breaking the Betrayed Spouse Cycle

Committing adultery in a relationship has severe consequences which can be long-lasting and become a cycle.

When trust is broken due to infidelity, it can be hard to regain confidence and connection with your partner again.

The effects of adultery in marriage can consequently result in the betrayed spouse cycle. Feelings of disappointment, distrust, anger, and frustration can arise even after you have discussed the affair.

Although it may be a frustrating journey for both partners to experience, it is essential to have professional support and guidance from an adultery counseling specialist.

Therapy options such as betrayal trauma therapy are also helpful.

betrayed spouse cycle

Finding a good adultery counseling specialist?

Understanding the betrayal spouse cycle can be challenging. Because adultery causes severe pain, anger, and frustration, communication is not always effective. This makes it increasingly difficult to heal and overcome an affair.

Finding an appropriate adultery counseling specialist is challenging. It is common to find that some adultery specialists may be far away from you or possibly overpriced. It is essential to do thorough research on your adultery specialist before making a decision. Additionally, compiling a list of questions to ask your therapist is a good idea. This will help you figure out what your expectations are from your affair recovery counseling and your therapist.

Platforms like Regain offer a wide selection of options for adultery counseling, browse the website and find what works best for you. Infidelity counseling online is a good option to consider.

Get matched with an online adultery counseling specialist.

Effective, convenient, and affordable online sessions. Start by filling out this survey in it’s entirety.

Getting matched with a good specialist in online adultery counseling through the Regain platform is a simple process.

Because you have the option to choose from a vast selection of professional and experienced adultery counseling specialists, finding a match is highly likely.

Simply visit the Regain website and browse the options for adultery counseling. Thereafter, complete a quick questionnaire carefully. This questionnaire is to allow the counseling team to match you with the most appropriate online adultery specialist.

Shortly after, you will be notified when you have been matched and can begin your counseling sessions.

What is the betrayed spouse cycle?

Betrayal in marriage or any committed relationship can single-handedly ruin the connection, trust, and loyalty between two people. What happens when a spouse is betrayed is that the foundation of a relationship is impacted.

A betrayed partner will experience a cycle of emotions. These emotions can develop into what is known as the betrayed spouse cycle.

When a partner is betrayed, forgiveness will not come easy, consequently causing further strain on the relationship.

The betrayal spouse cycle itself is an unpleasant experience for both partners. When someone experiences this cycle, they may go through these stages;

1. Discovery of betrayal.

This stage involves attempts to understand and comprehend what has happened. The discovery of  Infidelity causes shock, disappointment, anger, and disbelief amongst other emotions.

Partners will try to find explanations or more information about the infidelity. Leading them to continuously ask questions, regardless of how irrational.

2. Processing and reaction.

Any of the emotions that came to the surface during the process of discovering the infidelity will strengthen and become more intense at this time. A spouse might react mentally and/or physically depending on how they’re feeling.

These reactions are sometimes very erratic and can cause a deeper feeling of resentment. During this time a spouse might need space to help them process. They must get the answers they need, otherwise, they can end up stuck in this stage.

3. The decision.

After experiencing these unpleasant emotions and distress. A spouse will move on to deciding what comes next, how to move forward, and fix a marriage after adultery. It could also lead them to decide to end the marriage.

4. Progressing.

Moving on from the betrayal spouse cycle is not easy. However, this stage heavily depends on how both partners decide to move forward. It will demand a lot of intentional and consistent effort to rebuild a marriage after an affair.

Be advised to seek professional help services such as betrayal trauma therapy.

How does cheating affect a man and how does it affect a woman?

Men and women are entirely different. The effects of cheating will have a different impact on each person. This is due to the primary differences between how the brain is wired to compartmentalize incidents such as infidelity.

How cheating affects a man:

  1. Feelings of extreme anxiety and depression.
  2. Fatigue and lack of energy.
  3. Low self-esteem.
  4. Lack of self-confidence.
  5. Makes them doubtful of their abilities.
  6. They can become insecure.
  7. Develop trust issues.
  8. They will start to crave validation.

Cheating can affect a man in various ways. It mainly affects their mental state of being which can lead to poor overall well-being and performance.

How cheating affects a woman:

  1. Chronic anxiety and depression.
  2. PTSD.
  3. High-stress levels.
  4. Trust issues.
  5. Confusion.
  6. Long-term psychological effects.
  7. Self-doubt and low self-esteem.
  8. Insecurities and false beliefs of themselves.

Anyone who has experienced infidelity in a marriage or committed relationship is prone to short-term or long long effects. It is encouraged for both men and women to seek professional help to avoid irreversible damage.

How to help your spouse heal from your affair?

Helping your spouse heal from your affair might seem impossible. During the betrayed spouse cycle, both partners will feel strain, pain, and frustration. However, as the spouse who engaged in an affair, you have to learn how to help your spouse heal from the betrayed spouse cycle.

These are suggested steps help your spouse heal from your affair.

  1. Be remorseful.
  2. Allow them to speak about their triggers and answer any questions and doubts they have.
  3. Help them manage their triggers.
  4. Focus on building trust again and be intentional about it.
  5. Be open to and able to accept professional help.
  6. Understand and accept the relationship will not be the same again.
  7. Give your partner enough space and time to heal, grieve, and process.
  8. Do not repeat the same mistakes or anything remotely close to further infidelity.
  9. Talk about the future openly and realistically.
  10. Offer reassurance whenever it is needed.

The cycle of a betrayed spouse is painful. Working towards repairing a marriage after infidelity is possible but requires intentional and consistent work. Professional adultery specialists can offer support and advice during this time.

How does online therapy to break the betrayed spouse cycle work?

With Regain, you have the advantage of conducting professional high-quality adultery counseling from your home.

It is a convenient, affordable, and effective method of therapy.

Once you have been matched with an eligible and experienced adultery specialist, the platform will provide you with a private virtual room where you can communicate directly with your therapist at any time.

Choose between four different communication methods:

  1. Video call
  2. Phone call
  3. Live chat
  4. Messaging

Simply log into your account and start chatting.

Regain is a membership-based platform that charges $60-$90 per week, billed monthly. You have the option to cancel at any time.

Additionally, you can request to change therapists at any point, should you be dissatisfied.

How will adultery counseling help us save our relationship

Therapy and adultery counseling can help individuals and couples navigate through the difficulties of the trauma.

Because the effects of infidelity can be devastating and long-lasting, couples are advised to work through this with a professional. This will allow both partners to express feelings, thoughts, and emotions openly and honestly.

When couples are willing to learn how to fix a marriage after cheating, adultery counseling or affair recovery therapy is extremely helpful.

Your counseling sessions with a specialist in adultery will teach you how to rebuild your relationship and yourself. Over time, you will grow stronger and closer as a couple.

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