Online Emotional Affair Recovery Help: Rebuilding Trust after Emotional Infidelity

An emotional affair is a form of cheating. When a partner betrays you and engages in an emotional connection with a third party. This is categorized by therapists as infidelity.

Trust, loyalty, and connection are broken when there is infidelity. Thereafter, couples need to find ways of rebuilding trust after infidelity.

Emotional betrayal in marriage is extremely damaging, it causes long-term psychological challenges for both partners. Particularly, the person who has been cheated on.

The journey of emotional affair recovery is incredibly difficult. Because you will experience an array of emotions for a long period, it will be challenging to comprehend the emotional affair and express your feelings to your partner.

It is strongly recommended to seek guidance and support from a professional emotional affair therapist.

emotional affair recovery

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How do I find a good therapist to help with emotional affair recovery?

If you are looking to find a good therapist to help with emotional affair recovery, it is important to connect with a certified, licensed, and experienced therapist.

Before you connect to any therapist, it is crucial to do thorough research about your therapist, as well as what you expect from your emotional affair recovery.

It is suggested to create a list of questions to ask your therapist before making a decision.

Online platforms like Regain offer a wide selection of emotional affair recovery services. Additionally, you have the option to choose from a variety of professional emotional affair recovery therapists.

Visit the regain website and browse the therapy options for emotional affair recovery, alternatively, affair recovery counseling is suggested.

Get matched with a Regain online Emotional affair recovery therapist.

Effective, convenient, and affordable online sessions. Start by filling out this survey in it’s entirety.

Getting matched with an eligible and appropriate emotional affair recovery therapist through Regain is a seamless process.

On the Regain website, you will have the opportunity to browse all the best online therapy options for emotional affair recovery.

When you’ve found what you are looking for, simply complete the questionnaire carefully and honestly. Your answers are used to determine the best emotional affair recovery therapist for you.

Shortly thereafter, you will be notified when you have been matched with your therapist and you can begin your emotional affair recovery.

What is emotional betrayal in marriage?

Emotional betrayal is one of the most damaging forms of infidelity. It causes extreme psychological distress. Therapists have described emotional betrayal in marriage as someone developing a close, and intimate emotional bond or connection with someone who is not their partner.

One of the common tell signs of an emotional affair is the prevalence of sexual tension between two people.

Because emotional betrayal or cheating is an incredibly intimate thing, it will damage the foundation of a marriage, consequently leading to further complications. This weakens the connection between partners.

Once you have identified an emotional affair in your marriage or relationship, it is essential to begin the steps of recovery from an emotional affair.

What are the emotional affair signs?

Emotional affairs are not always easy to identify as they can be disguised as harmless platonic friendships. However, there are specific behaviors that are associated with emotional affairs.

Signs of an emotional affair:

  • Focusing more or all your attention on a different connection instead of the one with your partner.
  • Spending more time thinking about the other person instead of your partner.
  • Avoiding mentioning the other person to your partner.
  • Having to be secretive about your connection or lying about it.
  • Signs of physical attraction or chemistry between the two.
  • Being less emotionally or physically attracted to your current partner.
  • Sharing personal frustrations about your relationship with this other person.
  • Comparing your partner to the other person, wishing they could be more like them.
  • Avoiding honest and open communication with your partner.

Emotional affair signs can be different depending on the connection, as well as the individual engaging in the affair. The above signs are common indicators of an emotional affair.

Differences between emotional infidelity vs physical infidelity

Both emotional infidelity and physical infidelity are considered a betrayal and are extremely harmful to a relationship.

Physical infidelity includes;

  • Meeting someone face to face.
  • Engaging in sexual activity.
  • Physical sexual contact with the person.

Emotional infidelity includes;

  • Intimate or personal connections and conversations with someone over the phone.
  • Engaging in emotional support from another person.
  • Complaining about your current partner to another person.
  • Developing feelings or thoughts about another person.
  • Disguising an emotional connection with friendship.

Although emotional infidelity is not a traditional sense of cheating, it is still considered a form of infidelity. Emotional affairs commonly develop over time and become more personal.

After a connection has been made with another person, the emotional affair will start to act as a place of comfort. When this happens, it is considered a betrayal in marriage or a relationship and has devastating consequences.

Why is it essential to rebuild trust after emotional infidelity?

Although it is healthy to have friendships outside of your relationship or marriage, there is a distinct boundary that should not be crossed. When an emotional affair happens in a relationship, it destroys connection, trust, and confidence.

It is essential to rebuild trust after an emotional affair because your partner needs to be able to overcome and heal from the affair. If partners do not have the right resources for emotional affair recovery, it will be even more difficult to rebuild trust, loyalty, and love.

An emotional affair in marriage can consequently result in;

  • Extreme depression and anxiety.
  • Feelings of anger, rage, and sadness.
  • Resentment and disappointment.
  • Feelings of betrayal.
  • Lack of emotional connection.
  • Damaged foundation in marriage.
  • Poor communication.
  • Withdrawal or isolation from your partner.

It is essential to rebuild trust through emotional affair recovery therapy with your partner.

During the process of discovering the emotional affair, emotions will be at an all-time high, making communication and conversations challenging. Having the support and advice from a professional infidelity counselor is helpful to navigate and positively heal from emotional affairs.

Options such as infidelity counseling online are highly recommended.

How does online help for Emotional affair recovery work?

With online help for emotional recovery, you may feel more at ease conducting sessions from your home. In sensitive and intimate circumstances like dealing with an emotional affair, you may not be comfortable traveling to a new therapist’s office.

Regain offers a wide variety of counseling for infidelity to ensure that you find the best option.

Simply visit the Regain website and complete the questionnaire. Shortly thereafter you will be matched with a good therapist for emotional affair recovery.

Once you have been matched, the platform will provide you with a private virtual room where you can directly communicate with your therapist. Planning and scheduling your sessions is entirely based on your availability and preference.

Communicate via;

  • Phone call
  • Video call
  • Live chat or,
  • Messaging.

Regain is a membership-based platform that charges between $60-$90 per week, billed monthly. You have the freedom to cancel your membership at any time.

Moreover, should you feel dissatisfied with your therapist, you can request a change.

How will online help for Emotional affair recovery strengthen your marriage?

Overcoming an emotional affair in marriage is a painful process. Having to deal with the distress caused by betrayal in marriage requires courage, strength, and patience.

Therapists strongly advise couples or individuals to engage a specialist in emotional affair recovery to help them through healing.

Online help for emotional affair recovery is an effective and convenient method of treatment. You have the opportunity to connect with a professional who will be at your disposal whenever you need. You can also learn what to expect in couples therapy after infidelity.

One of the most important aids is how to learn unique and personalized ways of rebuilding trust after an emotional affair, as well as, have the support and safe space to communicate your emotions.

Receiving constructive advice on how to heal from an emotional affair will help strengthen you and your marriage. Allowing partners to reconnect and reestablish trust, loyalty, boundaries, and love.

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