Betrayal Trauma Therapy: How to Heal after being Cheated On

Experiencing betrayal from a loved one is extremely traumatic. The effects of betrayal in marriage can be devastating and long lasting. After being cheated on in any relationship, you will likely face the consequences of long-term psychological effects of infidelity.

These consequences can last between a few weeks to months. Learning how to heal after being cheated on is crucial in order to prevent prolonged pain and trauma.

Because marriage betrayal has the potential to entirely destroy trust, loyalty, love and connection – learning how to effectively heal from being cheated on is crucial.

Once you begin betrayal trauma therapy, you will learn unique and personalized ways of healing.

betrayal trauma therapy

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How do I find a good betrayal trauma therapist?

Betrayal trauma therapy is a specialized form of therapy. Because the experience of betrayal in marriage is intimate and highly personal, it’s important to connect to a certifed and experienced betrayal trauma therapist.

It may be difficult to find a good betrayal trauma therapist near me. However, provided you are willing to learn how to heal from being cheated on, an online betrayal trauma therapist can assist you.

Make sure that you are connected to a betrayal trauma therapist that specializes in healing betrayal in marriage. It is advised to do thorough research and consultations before making a decision.

Finding a good betrayal trauma therapist through platforms like Regain is far easier.

Simply visit the Regain website and complete a quick questionnaire carefully. This questionnaire is designed to help the therapist team find the best match for you.

Your questionnaire will be kept private.

Shortly thereafter, you will be matched with an eligible, experienced and qualified betrayal trauma therapist.

Get matched with a Regain online betrayal trauma therapist.

Effective, convenient, and affordable online sessions. Start by filling out this survey in it’s entirety.

What is the betrayed spouse cycle?

Betrayal in marriage or any committed relationship can single-handedly ruin the connection, trust, and loyalty between two people. What happens when a spouse is betrayed is that the foundation of a relationship is impacted.

A betrayed partner will experience a cycle of emotions. These emotions can develop into what is known as the betrayed spouse cycle.

When a partner is betrayed, forgiveness will not come easy, consequently causing further strain on the relationship.

The betrayal spouse cycle itself is an unpleasant experience for both partners. When someone experiences this cycle, they may go through these stages;

1. Discovery of betrayal.

This stage involves attempts to understand and comprehend what has happened. The discovery of  Infidelity causes shock, disappointment, anger, and disbelief amongst other emotions.

Partners will try to find explanations or more information about the infidelity. Leading them to continuously ask questions, regardless of how irrational.

2. Processing and reaction.

Any of the emotions that came to the surface during the process of discovering the infidelity will strengthen and become more intense at this time. A spouse might react mentally and/or physically depending on how they’re feeling.

These reactions are sometimes very erratic and can cause a deeper feeling of resentment. During this time a spouse might need space to help them process. They must get the answers they need, otherwise, they can end up stuck in this stage.

3. The decision.

After experiencing these unpleasant emotions and distress. A spouse will move on to deciding what comes next, how to move forward, and fix a marriage after adultery. It could also lead them to decide to end the marriage.

4. Progressing.

Moving on from the betrayal spouse cycle is not easy. However, this stage heavily depends on how both partners decide to move forward. It will demand a lot of intentional and consistent effort to rebuild a marriage after an affair.

Be advised to seek professional help services such as betrayal trauma therapy.

What are the effects of betrayal in marriage?

Psychologist Jennifer Freyd describes betrayal trauma in marriage as having your trust violated by the person you depend on for survival.

Betrayal trauma in marriage is extremely painful. It can cause you to develop unhealthy coping mechanisms and psychological blocks in order to avoid the pain.

When there is betrayal in marriage, it will cause:

  1. Trust to be broken
  2. Communication to be poor
  3. Disconnection from a partner
  4. Emotional disassociation
  5. Poor self esteem
  6. Lack of love and respect

These effects of betrayal in marriage can further complicate and develop into complex challenges.

1. Blindness and denial.

What happens is a person will experience betrayal blindness. Leading them to consciously or unconsciously ignore and avoid the betrayal to attempt to preserve the relationship. This can make it significantly difficult to deal with the betrayal, heal and fix the relationship in future.

2. Lack of trust in other relationships.

Betrayal destroys trust. With something as sensitive as betrayal in marriage, it causes you to become paranoid and fearful of trusting anyone else, particular in another romantic relationship.

3. Diminished definition of love.

It is common for some people to accept that marriage betrayal is normal. This can psychologically alter the way you perceive love. Consequently believing that betrayal, abuse or violence is normal.

4. Victimization.

Once your definition of love has been altered, you are potentially at risk of expecting betrayal again from the same partner or a new one. You will start to accept this as healthy.

5. Poor self image and esteem.

Many people who experience marriage betrayal trauma will feel ashamed and doubtful of themselves and their worth. This can lead to severe mental health challenges.

If any of the above mentioned effects and symptoms resonate with you, it is important to urgently find appropriate betrayal trauma therapy. 


How to heal after being cheated on?

The healing process after being cheated on can last between a few weeks, to possibly years. Because betrayal in marriage causes long-term psychological damage, betrayal trauma recovery treatment is recommended.

Marriage therapists suggest these methods to heal after being cheated on.

1. Mindfulness and compassion.

Being present, accepting and acknowledging your emotions will help you understand and regulate your emotions. Allowing yourself to go through each emotion and thought will make processing the betrayal easier.

2. Self-discovery.

Make yourself and your health a priority. During healing after being cheated on, your body can go into shock and cause depression, anxiety and insomnia.

Make sure that you are staying active and eating regularly to avoid physical and mental complications.

3. Examination.

If the betray was sexual or physical, you should get a physical examination from your GP as soon as possible.

4. Start new activities and self-care.

Staying busy and taking care of yourself is important during this time. Pampering or treating yourself to a spa trip would help ease the distress.

Therapist also suggest trying new and different forms of exercise and meditation.

5. Start building healthy relationships.

Now that you have experienced what a dysfunctional or unhealthy relationship can be like.

This is your opportunity to build healthy and positive relationships moving forward. Use your experience to guide you through finding what you want and need.

6. Share your story.

Talking about your experience of being cheated on can be very healing. Learning to tell others about it can help you accept and let go of the trauma and pain.

Additionally, someone else may benefit from you having the confidence to share such a personal and intimate incident.

Healing after being cheated on is different for everyone. Betrayal trauma therapists are trained to help you develop unique ways to help you heal and get over betrayal in marriage.

How can betrayal trauma treatment help you?

Dealing with betrayal trauma after being cheated on has long-lasting psychological effects that can last between a few months to year’s.

The reason why learning how to heal after being cheated on is to avoid any permanent damage from the incident.

Betrayal trauma treatment can guide you through the stages of betrayal trauma recovery and you will learn how to develop healthy and effective ways of healing.

Those who are experiencing grief, depresion, anxiety and anger caused by betrayal need support and encouragement during the healing stages.

The purpose of starting treatment for betrayal trauma is to give yourself the opportunity to reconnect with yourself, rediscover your boundaries and grow to become stronger and more confident.

Healing after being cheated on is not an easy journey and should not be done alone.

How does online betrayal trauma therapy work?

Online betrayal trauma therapy is by far one of the most effective and convenient methods of treatment. You have the advantage of receiving professional support and guidance from the comfort of your couch.

Regain has various treatment and therapy options for betrayal in marriage that you can choose from, such as, post traumatic infidelity syndrome and much more.

After being matched with you betrayal trauma therpsist, you will be allocated a private virtual room where you will have direct access to your theorist at all times.

When you want to schedule a session, simply log into your account and start chatting.

Regain offers a membership-based plan at $60-$90 per week, billed monthly. You have the option to cancel at any time. Should you at any point feel dissatisfied or uncomfortable with you therapist, you and the choice to request a change.

How will online recovery from betrayal trauma help me recover?

Having the courage to learn how to heal after being cheated on is a comendable step. Healing from betrayal in marriage is not easy but it is extremely important.

In order for you to fully acknowledge, accept and let go of your betrayal trauma, having effetive and positive advice is essential.

You will grow to be a stronger, more resilient and self-aware individual. The process of recovery from betrayal trauma will bring you clarity, understanding and courage to move forward.


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