Affair Counseling to Stop Obsessive Thoughts about Spouse Cheating

Obsessive thoughts can be intrusive and unpleasant.

Many people who have anxiety about a partner cheating commonly have challenges such as relationship OCD and other mood disorders that can intensify the fear of being cheated on.

Although having obsessive thoughts about a spouse cheating happens to a large number of people, over time this can cause tremendous emotional and mental distress.

For individuals who have experienced infidelity, it is common for them to face anxiety after being cheated on, as well as, depression after being cheated on. It is crucial to find ways of practising healthier ways of managing and expressing previous infidelity trauma.

Counseling options such as infidelity counseling online can be useful.

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How do I find a good affair counseling specialist?

The process of finding an appropriate specialist in affair counseling can be challenging and often overwhelming.

To connect to a good affair counseling specialist, you are advised to do thorough research about your specialist before making a decision.

Additionally, creating a list of questions to ask your therapist can help you identify what you are looking for.

Platforms like Regain offer a wide selection of certified, professional, and experienced counselors and therapists to choose from. As well as, various therapy options for learning how to stop obsessive thoughts about a spouse cheating.

Get matched with a Regain online affair counseling specialist.

Effective, convenient, and affordable online sessions. Start by filling out this survey in it’s entirety.

Finding a good specialist for affair counseling through the Regain platform is an easy and seamless process.

Visit the Regain platform to browse the therapy option. Once you have found what you are looking for, simply complete a quick questionnaire carefully and honestly.

Based on your answers, the counseling team will be able to match you with the most appropriate and eligible affair counseling specialist.

Shortly thereafter, you will be notified of your match and can begin your affair recovery counseling sessions.

How to stop obsessive thoughts about spouse cheating?

After having the devastating experience of infidelity in a relationship or marriage, it is common for a spouse to experience chronic anxiety about a partner cheating.

The effects of being cheated on can be long-lasting and are known to cause psychological damage. This can lead to severe trust issues, low self-esteem, and obsessing over things your partner does.

This may include:

  • Worrying when a partner is out without you.
  • Overthinking a change in their routine.
  • Being concerned about them paying too much attention to their phone.

While infidelity is an extremely painful process to overcome, there are ways to help to stop having obsessive thoughts about a spouse cheating. Appropriate self-care and cognitive restructuring can help you improve.

Therapists suggest trying these methods.

1. Investigate why you’re overthinking.

Overthinking after being cheated on is natural. However, it can also be an indication of an underlying condition or unresolved trauma causing the response. Understanding these specifics can help you stop overthinking.

2. Focus on repairing trust issues.

Trust issues are normal after any sort of betrayal. Rebuilding trust in your relationship is crucial. More importantly, it is essential to work on trust issues that you may have within yourself.

3. Mindfulness.

Techniques and methods of mindfulness help relieve feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, and emotional reactivity. It is suggested to focus on staying present and only on what you can control.

4. Acceptance.

Accepting previous relationship betrayal may be challenging. It is an important step toward letting go of pain and learning to live with it.

5. Self-love.

Giving yourself positive affirmations and self-talk will help you rebuild your confidence. Having obsessive thoughts about a partner cheating can lead to negative self-talk and pessimism. Giving yourself assurance and love can improve your mental health.

6. “What if”

Obsessive thoughts over a spouse cheating can leave you running through hypothetical scenarios and wondering “what if?”. Learn how to practice stopping thoughts, this can help relieve thoughts about infidelity.

Avoiding depression after being cheated on?

Affair recovery is extremely difficult. It is common for anyone who has experienced infidelity is likely to have long-term psychological effects. These effects can cause;

  • Trust issues
  • Depression
  • Low-self esteem
  • Negative self-talk
  • A negative perception of love
  • Obsessive thoughts about a partner
  • Anxiety about a partner cheating

Because recovery from getting cheated on can be a very lonely and isolated process. It is common for people to experience depression after being cheated on.

Affair recovery therapy can help you learn how to find peace after being cheated on. Avoiding depression after being cheated on is not advised as this can lead to developing unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Learning how to find peace after being cheated on can help you healthily avoid depression and anxiety after being cheated on.

These are methods that can help you cope with depression and anxiety after being cheated on.

1. Allow your emotions to come out.

Avoiding emotions can provoke further cheating anxiety attacks. It is important to acknowledge and accept your emotions as they come. This will help you learn how to get over infidelity pain.

2. Acknowledge feelings of emptiness.

There will be times when you feel lost, confused, sad, and isolated. It is normal to experience this after being cheated on. You have to allow yourself to feel the grief and pain. Letting go of pain after being cheated on will come easier after acknowledging these feelings.

3. Have a support system.

Dealing with depression after an affair can be devastating and extremely lonely. It is important to lean on family and friends for emotional support and encouragement.

4. Let it be a lesson.

Infidelity can be used as motivation for self-discovery. During the journey of affair recovery, you will be forced to find ways to get over infidelity pain and how to find peace. This will be a challenge, but you can overcome it and learn from the experience.

It is always advised to seek professional guidance from a qualified affair counseling specialist who can guide you through these steps.

How to get over infidelity pain? And How to find peace after being cheated on?

There are productive ways of venting that can help you overcome infidelity pain. During this process of healing from being cheated on, your best option is to make sure you are getting practical help.

Without an effective support system, you can face severe anxiety and depression after infidelity.

Healing from infidelity will be different for everyone, depending on the severity of the incident as well as the individual’s ability to process it.

These are recommended ways to take care of yourself and find peace after being cheated on.

Allow time to process.

Taking time to comprehend and process what’s happened is essential. It is advised not to make any decisions before you have given yourself time to think about the infidelity and what you need to do moving forward.

Be compassionate.

Pain from infidelity is likely to provoke negative self-talk. This can make the healing process even more painful and confusing. Be compassionate with yourself and take your time to understand everything. Be careful not to wallow in negative thoughts as this can prolong your journey to find peace.

Find support.

Having friends, family, or support groups during the healing period is a good idea. Talking about your experience and your feelings helps heal the pain. Practical help will guide you to effectively and healthily overcome infidelity pain.


Professional help is always suggested. It is a safe and effective method of getting through the pain. Having professional advice and support can help you rebuild yourself and find peace.

How does online affair counseling work?

Regain offers a wide selection of unique counseling services for affair recovery.

After completing the quick questionnaire, you will be matched with an appropriate specialist in affair recovery.

Once you have been matched, you will be allocated a private virtual room where you will communicate directly with your therapist.

Choose between four different communication methods:

  • Video call
  • Phone call
  • Live chat
  • Messaging

Regain is a membership-based service at $60-$90 per week, billed monthly. You have the freedom to cancel your membership at any time.

Should you at any time feel dissatisfied with your counselor or therapist, you can request a change.

How will affair counseling improve my health?

Affair recovery counseling is a highly effective method of helping individuals heal from infidelity pain.

During the process of overcoming infidelity trauma, you will be able to discover the best methods of finding peace after being cheated on. Affair recovery therapy is highly recommended.

It is crucial to have constructive and effective advice when dealing with depression from an affair. This will help you avoid anxiety about being cheated on.

Allow yourself to heal and overcome infidelity pain.


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