What is “over the phone therapy” and how can it help?

Over the phone therapy is a term that incorporates all forms of web-based therapy, including therapy via web chat, via skype and over the phone.

No matter the type you choose phone therapy is carried out in a location of your choosing rather than attending a face to face therapy session.

As only an internet enabled device, an internet connection and a quiet location is required it can be less expensive and less time consuming then traditional face to face therapy.

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Psychology Sessions from Home

At Psychology help we offer convenient phone counselling services including therapy via a phone call and skype therapy sessions which take place when and where you wish.

One of the most famous and legitimate companies offering web-based therapy is this one. By filling out this survey, they match you with a therapist that matches your needs the most, then you start your sessions online in the form that suits you.

Some key information about therapy over the phone via a secure phone line will now be explored, including information about what happens during phone therapy, advantages of phone therapy and some advice on the best way to find therapy via a phone.

What happens during over the phone therapy?

The structure of an over the phone counselling session is similar to a physical face to face counselling session; the main difference is the location and lack of physical presence of a counsellor.

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First you and the therapist will discuss what issues you wish to address, and what (if anything) is having a significant effect on day to day life. You and the therapist will then work through some of your problems, exploring methods and techniques that may be useful to counter any of the day to day impacts of your problems.

For example, a person struggling with high levels of stress may be taught some breathing exercises to help them remain calm in times of high stress. Alternatively a person suffering from depression may be taught techniques that can assist in reframing negative thoughts as positive thoughts. The specific methods and techniques taught will differ depending on the individual.

Towards the end of the session you will discuss how you think the session went, any tasks the counsellor thinks would be beneficial for you to complete before the next session and suggestions for what may be appropriate to consider ready for the next session. It is then up to you as to whether you think it would be helpful for you to book your next session and continue the therapeutic work.


What issues can be addressed using over the phone therapy?

Phone therapy sessions can be useful for addressing the same issues that would traditionally be addressed in face to face therapy. Issues that can be addressed include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Feelings of low self-worth
  • Feelings of low-self esteem
  • PTSD
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Bereavement

If you have a different issue not listed on our website, feel free to use the contact form to outline your issue and somebody will get back to you. It is very likely that one of our psychologists will be able to work with you on your individual issues via our phone counselling services.

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Are phone therapy sessions effective?

Therapy over the phone has been found in several studies to be equally as effective as face to face traditional therapy. At Psychology help, all our psychologists offering over the phone counselling are highly trained and experienced. This ensures you get the same standard of therapy online and over the phone as you would attending traditional face to face therapy. Additionally, as we match your specific needs to a psychologist who specialises in your area of need, the counselling service we offer is a personalised experience making it more likely to effective for you.


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What are the advantages of therapy over the phone? Are there any disadvantages?

There are many advantages of phone therapy compared to face to face traditional therapy. It is more convenient – it takes place where and when you want. Whilst being convenient, being in control of the location and timing of the counselling sessions may also help you feel more relaxed and in control. This should help to increase the potential effectiveness of the therapeutic process.

Therapy via a phone enables people who would overwise not be able to access therapy the chance to address their problems; this may be due to a physical disability, or it may be due to social phobias. Whatever the reason, if the thought of travelling to a counselling appointment worries you, counselling over phone could be a good choice for you.

However, there are some disadvantages of counselling over the phone; technical problems may prevent counselling sessions from going ahead. This issue can be addressed by having a discussion with the psychologist at the beginning of the session about what both parties would do if communication broke down.

Another potential disadvantage of counselling over phone is the lack of physical face to face contact, this may be off-putting for some people. For people who prefer talking face to face in person, over the phone counselling may not be the best choice for them. However, if you are in any doubt as to the suitability of phone counselling services why not book a session with no pressure to commit to more than one session with psychology help today.

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How can I find counselling over phone sessions?

There are several stages to finding phone therapy sessions once you decide you would like to try this convenient form of counselling. First, research reputable websites offering phone counselling sessions; websites should display the psychologists offering the service, as well as their qualifications, experience and specialities. Reading through reviews and testimonials of the service you are considering may help to ensure you get a good standard of therapy. If any of this information is not available on the website then you could contact the website, however, if the website cannot provide names and qualifications of the psychologists offering therapy then it may not be a trustworthy service.

Once you have found an over the phone service that appears to fit your needs, the next stage is to contact the website to book your first session, this process will differ depending on the specific website you are looking at.

At Psychology Help we aim to make this process easy and straightforward. Simply click make an appointment button below, fill out the booking form with your name, email address and a description of the problem you would like to address and we will match you with one of our qualified and experienced psychologists.

As over the phone therapy is more convenient and has shorter waiting times then traditional therapy, if it is convenient for you an appointment may be available within the next 24 hours so you can start your healing process sooner with over the phone counseling!

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