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Understanding the effects of childhood sexual abuse can be very difficult, one common sign of childhood sexual abuse is being unable to recall many things from your childhood, including the sexual abuse that happened to you.

Oftentimes when a child is sexually abused, psychologically they develop a “block” that causes them to have gaps in their recollection of their childhood.

This happens because the trauma of the experience sends the brain and the body into immense shock and stress, resulting in the inability to process and release the stress.

This is just one effect of childhood sexual abuse.

Christian Sexual Abuse Counseling

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How do I find good Christian help for sexual abuse?

We strongly urge you to connect with good Christian help for sexual abuse to deal with and heal from any childhood sexual abuse that you have experienced.

Christian help for sexual abuse is there to assist you with healing from childhood sexual abuse will be able to give you the best, most professional and effective guidance and support to help you cope.

With Faithful Counseling childhood sexual abuse therapy we assure you that our counselors conduct therapy with your faith as the foundation for healing, through prayer, referencing the Bible for guidance and motivation.  You are in the safest and most capable hands to help you let go of the pain and heal your trauma from childhood sexual  abuse.

Faithful Counseling sexual abuse therapists are all experienced, professional and certified Christian therapists.

Faithful Counseling upholds your values and respect for your faith throughout your journey of healing from childhood sexual abuse.

As a Christian, it is important to always remember your faith in troubling and challenging times such as learning how to heal from childhood sexual abuse.

Faithful Counseling can assure you that through Christian sexual abuse counseling, you will be reminded of your strength and courage by the word of God to help you overcome your trauma. 

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Finding the right Christian sexual abuse counselor for healing sexual abuse change a daunting and overwhelming process, you may have concerns about whether you are making the right decision. 

Or you could be worried about if your counselor will truly understand and uphold your faith through counseling.

Faithful Counseling has taken the time to build a team of the most valuable, educated and faithful Christian counselors to guide victims of childhood sexual abuse with the word of God. You have come to the right place.

Getting matched with your own personal Christian sexual abuse counselor takes less than 5-minutes, with a quick and easy sign up that we have created, you will be matched with the best Christian counselors to choose from.

Simply fill out this questionnaire carefully in it’s entirety for us to be able to match you with our best selection of Christian sexual abuse counselors for you.

What are the signs of childhood sexual abuse in adults?

The effects of childhood sexual abuse is extremely damaging to someones psychological and emotional development.

It can take years to even start identifying and acknowledging the signs of sexual abuse, this is why we strongly recommend connecting with a sexual abuse specialist to guide you through this process.

What is childhood sexual abuse?

A sexual act, sexual exploitation or sexual contact that is completed or attempted forcefully with a child. This usually happens through instilling fear in a child or threatening a child in order to get them to obey.

There are a number of sexual acts that is considered sexual abuse, it does not necessarily involve physical sexual contact with the child, it can also be verbally insinuating sexual acts or intentions from a perpetrator to a child making the child feel unsafe.

Childhood sexual abuse is a violation of basic human rights and an increasing issue in society today.

Due to the high number of unreported cases, it is hard to fully assess the impact and the depth of the issue.

Acknowledging your own childhood sexual abuse takes an immense amount of courage and strength, it is extremely painful and traumatizing to confront. Reach out to a professional childhood sexual abuse specialist for help.

Childhood sexual abuse can be:

1. A child being exposed to sexual conduct in person or online against their will.

2․Incestual misconduct

3․Child pornography, producing, owning or distributing


5․Sex trafficking or child prostitution

6․Forms of sexual assault  – fondling, touching, intercourse, masturbation in the presence of a child, or forcing a minor to partake in masturbation

7․Sexual harassment, text messages or images being sent to a child, or inappropriate sexual conversations 

The effects of childhood sexual abuse can impact your life as an adult in various ways, these are the signs to look out for:

  • Signs of depression and anxiety
  • Self-harm
  • Emotional reactions – self-blame, guilt, shame, humiliation, fear
  • Symptoms of PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder or C-PTSD)
  • Distorted self-perception or body dysmorphia
  • Negative and low self-esteem with the belief that they deserved it
  • May engage in high-risk behavior – unprotected sex or substance abuse
  • Eating disorders
  • Lower pain threshold
  • Self-destructive behavior
  • Disturbances with sexual desire, little or no sexual arousal or extreme sexual desire
  • Less skilled at self-protection and more likely to succumb to being victimized

The long-term effects and signs of childhood sexual abuse in adults can be recognized by:

  • Extreme mood swings
  • Depression or depressive episodes
  • Social anxiety
  • Low or negative self-esteem
  • Panic attacks and flashbacks (nightmares or night terrors)
  • Paranoia and constant fear
  • Disassociation
  • Persistent phobias
  • Withdrawal or isolation
  • Helplessness
  • Insomnia or sleep disturbances
  •  Difficulty maintaining or establishing relationships
  • Trust issues
  • Poor physical health

The body’s psychological reaction to trauma can manifest in various ways, in cases of childhood sexual abuse the aftereffects of the trauma can cause tremendous damage, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Studies have shown that depending on the severity of the abuse, the effects of childhood sexual abuse can lead to life-threatening effects if not dealt with professionally.

Victims of childhood sexual abuse commonly suffer from physical challenges such as high-blood pressure, heart disease, and sleep loss.

What is sexual abuse in a relationship?

Sexual abuse in a relationship can look and feel very normal, it is often overlooked and ignored because it’s happening within the relationship.  It may be overt and subtle or covert and very obvious to identify, either way, it is not right and should be addressed and dealt with immediately.

Identifying sexual abuse in an relationship, there is usually a pattern or cycle of emotional manipulation that happens in order to control, intimidate or sexually overpower a person.  It may or may not involve violent or other physical types of abuse, but it refers to any non consensual or unwanted atcs of sexual intimacy or contact with an intimate partner.

If you are being pressured, intimidated or being coerced and forced into sexual intimacy from a partner, this is warning sign of sexual abuse.  Just because you are in a relationship, this does not act as any form of consent and should not be tolerated.

If you at any point feel uncomfortable performing sexual acts with a partner – you have the right to say no and be respected.

Warning signs or indicators of sexual abuse in a relationship.

Sexual abuse victims find it hard to identify indicators of sexual abuse in their intimate relationships, the lines become blurry and the emotions, attatchemt causes disbelief and denial.

If you are experiencing any of the following signs of sexual abuse in an relationship, we strongly urge you to seek professional help from a sexual abuse therapist:

  1. Any form of sexual abuse in coercion with other forms of abuse such as emotional or physical violent abuse.

2.Using forms of emotional abuse or intimidation to get you to engage in sexual activity. They may fear, guilt, shame or try to threaten you into having sex.

3.Forcing you to dress in a sexual way dispute your discomfort.

4.Having sex used as a tool of power and control.

5.Taking their anger and frustration out on you during sex, verbally or physically.

6.Physical constraint against your will during sex.

7.Forcefully engaging in sex without your consent.

8.Demanding sex or sexual acts when you are tired, sick or injured.

9.Forcing you to do intimate things you are uncomfortable with.

10.Dismissing or ignoring your feelings and emotions about sex, during or after.

11.Marital or relationship rape and sexual assault.

Understanding what is sexual abuse in relationships requires an immense amount of courage and strength to confront.

Sexual abuse victims suffer from long-term effects of sexual abuse in a relationship that affects various areas of their lives and may even result in affecting further relationships.

All sexual abuse victims are encouraged to see a therapist for sexually abused near me and begin healing though sexual abuse therapy.

What are the effects of childhood sexual abuse in adulthood?

The effects of childhood sexual abuse can range from causing multitudes of psychological and physical challenges.

Sexual abuse can cause sexual addiction, hypersexuality, early menstruation, or early puberty, sexual abuse can cause eating disorders or even bipolar disorder amongst other psychological effects of sexual abuse.

Uncovering the signs and effects of sexual abuse is different for every sexual abuse victim, you need to consider the severity and the duration of the sexual abuse, to do this you will need the support from a trained professional sexual abuse therapist.

As a victim of childhood sexual abuse you may go through life as an adult unaware or the long-term effects of childhood sexual abuse until very late. In many sexual abuse cases, victims may internalize their pain and trauma for their entire lives and suffer from the traumatic and life-altering damage.

Childhood sexual abuse effects in adulthood can range from:

1. Interpersonal challenges.

Being sexually abused can directly affect your ability to develop and maintain close loving relationships, whether they’re platonic or intimate relationships. You may find it difficult to talk to your partners, friends and even family about the sexual abuse you’ve experienced, opening up and being vulnerable with people causes you anxiety. You may feel embarrassed or ashamed to share your story of childhood sexual abuse because you fear judgment. This causes strain on intimate relationships with a partner.

2․Intimate relationships.

Sexual abuse victims create an emotional barrier, most times subconsciously as a method of protecting themselves from getting hurt again. The effects of childhood sexual abuse can leave you struggling to trust or open up to your significant other, which can also cause trust issues and challenges during intimate moments.

3․Family members, parents or siblings.

If your childhood sexual abuse was with a family member, parent or sibling, this may change the dynamic of your relationship with them, causing distrust, anger, frustration and resentment. Studies have shown that many sexual abuse victims and survivors feel responsible to the change of family dynamics and ensure the well-being of all family members which can cause isolation and loneliness. Many victims have also said that family members had failed to believe or intervene with the childhood sexual abuse, causing strain to family relationships.

4․Relationships with upcoming generations.

Childhood sexual abuse can cause you to feel as though you may not be a safe parent, you constantly fear the same thing happening to your children or grandchildren. In severe cases, childhood sexual abuse victims have reported not being able to physically connect with their children or even changing their nappies as a consequence of having traumatic flashbacks of their experience.

5․Emotional and mental well-being.

Childhood sexual abuse victims and survivors find different ways to good and manage with their trauma. The psychological harm for some can be severe long after the event or during. Around the time of the sexual abuse, you may have experienced several emotions, fear, anger, sadness, confusion, hurt, guilt or confusion. These emotions are usually internalized and develop into depression, anxiety and in some cases, PTSD, C+ PTSD or bipolar disorder.

6․Physical health challenges.

The long-term effects of childhood sexual abuse can cause health complications and challenge from hypertension, heart disease, malnutrition, or mobility issues.

Childhood sexual abuse effects in adulthood can cause countless challenges that may develop into life-threatening effects. We encourage all sexual abuse victims to get in contact with a professional sexual abuse therapist as soon as possible to avoid any further damage or effects.

How does being sexually abused affect relationships?

Sexual abuse can have a direct effect on your relationships in future, living with the effects of sexual abuse can lead you to develop intimacy and trust issues in personal relationships.

Sexual abuse creates a fear of abandonment, you automatically have a wall of defense up and struggle to completely trust people and be vulnerable.

As a result, you are always hypervigilant and question the intention of others which can affect your intimate relationships.

As an effect of childhood sexual abuse, you may experience these challenges in relationships:

  1. The fear of choosing the wrong person.
  2. Guilt or shame about sharing your story
  3. Never feeling good enough for anyone
  4. Self-doubt of your worth
  5. Overly critical of your shortcomings
  6. Unable to trust
  7. Problems with intimacy
  8. Overcompensating
  9. Preferring to stay distant and isolated
  10. Keeping your emotions to yourself

There are reasons that you have developed these challenges and effects of childhood sexual abuse, it is not your fault and it is normal to have these challenges as a victim of sexual abuse.

There is hope to overcome and heal from the trauma in order to stop the effects from further damaging your life.

With the support and encouragement from a professional sexual abuse therapist, you will learn how to effectively deal with how sexual abuse affects you.

How to heal from childhood sexual abuse?

How to heal from childhood sexual abuse is unique to each survivor and victim, the first step to healing from childhood sexual abuse is to understand that it is not your fault, you are not to blame and you were not deserving of the abuse.

It takes immense courage and strength to confront the trauma of childhood sexual abuse, it’s important to give yourself the time to slowly process, acknowledge and accept what has happened to you and take the steps towards healing your childhood sexual trauma.

Many sexual abuse victims will experience a wide range of emotions and feelings about the abuse, confusion, denial, self-blame, guilt, shame or even block it out completely.

You will need the support from loved ones and friends to help you overcome this, we strongly suggest finding a good Christian sexual abuse therapist through Faithful Counseling to help guide and advise you.

These are a few steps and tips you can try in the meantime:

  1. Share your story.

There is power in being vulnerable, it shows immense strength. A a victim of childhood sexual abuse, know that you are not alone and sharing your story will empower you to accept what has happened and acknowledge that it does not define you. Many others have experienced childhood sexual abuse and could benefit from hearing your story and giving them the confidence to seek help, and create childhood sexual abuse awareness.

2․Do what makes you feel strong and empowered.

Take back your life, do things that make you feel strong. Many sexual abuse therapists will advise you to find activities that make you feel strong and in control, try mountain biking, hiking, singing in front of a crowd, dying your hair a different color, take classes for something you’re interested in, attend a silent weekend retreat.

3․A strong support system.

 Healing from childhood sexual abuse is a long journey, your recovery process may take months or even weeks and it’s okay. Small steps will lead you to being completely healed. It’s important to have a support system that you can turn to when you need to talk or need comfort in the times when you feel overwhelmed or demotivated. Share your story and experience of childhood sexual abuse with a few trusted and close friends and family that you can rely on. This will also help you to regain and rebuild trust in others starting with the ones closest to you.

4․Body-centric trauma work.

 Trauma lives in the body and can manifest into physical health challenges. Advice from a professional Christian childhood sexual abuse specialist is to go into your body and release the trauma from within. No matter how long ago or how recent the trauma was, it’s important to release it.

EMDR therapy is a useful method to release trauma stored in the body, you can also try gentle yoga, martial arts, or walking and jogging. All the methods are ways to get connected to your body and help release the trauma from childhood sexual abuse.

How does Christian sexual abuse counseling work?

At Faithful Counseling we strongly believe that the word of Christ and the Bible should always be the foundation of healing.

The Bible reinforces courage, strength and faith during challenging times. Healing from childhood sexual abuse trauma through the close help of a Christian sexual abuse therapist is the best option for healing yourself.

With Faithful counseling childhood sexual abuse therapy online, you have the advantage and freedom of choosing your therapist who you can connect with and schedule your sessions whenever and however you feel most comfortable. With 24/7 direct access to your Christian sexual abuse therapist, you can contact them whenever you need a word of motivation, comfort or encouragement, they are there to support you through your journey.

Your Christian sexual abuse therapist will work with you through understanding what is childhood sexual abuse, the effects of childhood sexual abuse and depression, how to identify the signs of childhood sexual abuse in adults and help you find the best ways for you to know how to heal from childhood sexual abuse

How will Christian sexual abuse counseling benefit me?

Christian sexual abuse counseling helps you confront and acknowledge your experience of childhood sexual abuse, through sessions with your sexual abuse therapist, you will regain strength and courage to heal from childhood sexual abuse and let go of trauma that could consume your life. We want you to understand the depths of childhood sexual abuse and create awareness of childhood sexual abuse. It is crucial for you to understand that recovering from childhood sexual abuse is a brave and courage step that you are taking and we are here to offer you the best support and guidance every step of the way.

Take your life back and heal from home with Faithful Counseling .

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