Overcome Being Sexually Abused in a Relationship. The Best Online Therapist for Sexually Abused Near Me.

Yes, sexual abuse can happen within a relationship too. Whether you’re married or dating, sexual consent is imperative – merely being in a relationship does does not classify as consent for sexual intimacy. Many men and women experience sexual abuse in a relationship, due to the fact that they feel emotionally and mentally obligated to sexual intimacy with their partners, leads to doing it ‘just because’. Partners can become extremely emotionally abusive and find ways to coerce you into engaging in sexual activity against your will. No means no.

Sexual Abuse In A Relationship

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How do I find an online therapist for sexually abused near me?

BetterHelp online sexual abuse therapy for men and women who have or are currently facing sexual abuse in a relationship will help you understand how and why sexual abuse happens in a relationship. A therapist for sexually abused victims  teaches and guides you through uncovering the possible damages and long-term effects of sexual abuse in relationships. You will learn to fully understand what is sexual abuse in a relationship and figure out how to manage, cope and heal from the trauma of sexual abuse in a relationship. BetterHelp therapist for sexually abused near me have worked with countless victims experiencing severe sexual abuse in a relationship and marriages, all of our therapy for sexual abuse sessions are intimate and personal, giving you the one-on-one time with your chosen therapist to talk about your sexual abuse experience.

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Understanding sexual abuse in a relationship can be a challenging task to face alone, having to confront the fact that your trusted and loved partner has sexually abused you is not something you should deal with alone. We have carefully put together a team of the most eligible, professional and certified sexual abuse therapists that are experts in their field. Sexual abuse therapy for sexually abused victims is a safe, effective and convenient method of therapy that will help you overcome the long-term effects of sexual abuse in a relationship. Connecting to a therapist for sexual abuse takes less than 5-minutes with BetterHelp. Simply answer this questionnaire carefully in its entirety, we urge you to be as open and honest as possible. Shortly after, we will connect you with a selection of our best matched sexual abuse therapists for you to choose from. BetterHelp online therapy for sexually abused is effective, affordable and convenient.

What is sexual abuse in a relationship?

Sexual abuse in a relationship can look and feel very normal, it is often overlooked and ignored because it’s happening within the relationship. It may be overt and subtle or covert and very obvious to identify, either way, it is not right and should be addressed and dealt with immediately.

 Identifying sexual abuse in an relationship, there is usually a pattern or cycle of emotional manipulation that happens in order to control, intimidate or sexually overpower a person. It may or may not involve violent or other physical types of abuse, but it refers to any non consensual or unwanted atcs of sexual intimacy or contact with an intimate partner. If you are being pressured, intimidated or being coerced and forced into sexual intimacy from a partner, this is warning sign of sexual abuse. Just because you are in a relationship, this does not act as any form of consent and should not be tolerated. If you at any point feel uncomfortable performing sexual acts with a partner – you have the right to say no and be respected.

 Warning signs or indicators of sexual abuse in a relationship.

 Sexual abuse victims find it hard to identify indicators of sexual abuse in their intimate relationships, the lines become blurry and the emotions, attatchemt causes disbelief and denial. If you are experiencing any of the following signs of sexual abuse in an relationship, we strongly urge you to seek professional help from a sexual abuse therapist.

  1. Any form of sexual abuse in coercion with other forms of abuse such as emotional or physical violent abuse.

 2.Using forms of emotional abuse or intimidation to get you to engage in sexual activity. They may fear, guilt, shame or try to threaten you into having sex.

 3.Forcing you to dress in a sexual way dispute your discomfort.

 4.Having sex used as a tool of power and control.

 5.Taking their anger and frustration out on you during sex, verbally or physically.

 6.Physical constraint against your will during sex.

 7.Forcefully engaging in sex without your consent.

 8.Demanding sex or sexual acts when you are tired, sick or injured.

 9.Forcing you to do intimate things you are uncomfortable with.

 10.Dismissing or ignoring your feelings and emotions about sex, during or after.

 11.Marital or relationship rape and sexual assault.

 Understanding what is sexual abuse in relationships requires an immense amount of courage and strength to confront. Sexual abuse victims suffer from long-term effects of sexual abuse in a relationship that affects various areas of their lives and may even result in affecting further relationships. All sexual abuse victims are encouraged to see a therapist for sexually abused near me and begin healing though sexual abuse therapy.

Does sexual abuse affect future relationships?

Sexual abuse causes a multitude of affects on someone’s wellbeing, emotionally , physically and psychologically, these long-term effects of sexual abuse in a a relationship can manifest and develop into complicated challenges that can affect future relationships as well. A simple answer to the question, ‘Does sexual abuse affect future relationships?’, yes it does.

 It has been studied that sexual abuse victims suffer from trauma after their sexual abuse experience, the severity depends on the victim as well as the nature and period of sexual abuse that has happened. A common long-term effect as a consequence of sexual abuse in a relationship causes challenges in future relationship of any nature, from interpersonal relationships, inimtate relationships and future sexual relationships. The reason this happens is because sexual abuse victims experience a loss of trust, low self-esteem, emotional detachment, intimacy challenges and fear of abandonment as well fear of experiencing the sexual abuse again.

 This is an extremely traumatic and painful experience, you as a sexual abuse victim now face severe long-term effects and trauma from sexual abuse that should not have happened. We strongly encourage you to look for a therapist that specializes in sexual abuse in relationships to help you overcome your trauma and fear of reliving the same experience before it affects your future relationships.

How does an Online therapy for sexually abused victims work?

Being sexually abused in a relationship leaves victims extremely traumatized, beyond having to process and understand the sexual abuse, they now also have to accept that someone the deeply trust and love has done something this damaging and left them feeling helpless, fearful and insecure about themselves. Sexual abuse victims suffer in silence because they don’t have the confidence or resources to safely connect to a therapist for sexual abuse or are fearful of talking to their friends and family about the abuse as they’re now facing distrust, anxiety and possibly depression.

It is important for all sexual abuse victims to connect with a professional therapist for sexual abuse in relationships in order for you to have the support and effective advice that you need to heal from the trauma of sexual abuse. With the help and guidance of a therapist for sexually abused near me, you are in safe hands, and will be receiving the best treatment. BetterHelp online therapy for sexually abused victims gives you the opportunity to comfortably open up and speak about your experience in a safe environment. With the option to conduct therapy via phone calls, live chat, video call or even mail – you are in control of your healing.

How will an Online therapy for sexually abused victims improve my life?

Healing from trauma allows sexually abused victims to live a fulfilled life without being held back from the long-term effects of being sexually abused in a relationship. It allows victims to heal and overcome the pain and improve their quality of life through understanding what is sexual abuse in a relationship is and discovering the depths of the damage and trauma caused by the sexual abuse. We want you to understand that the sexual abuse you experienced is not your fault, that shouldn’t have happened and you were not deserving of that. We urge you to connect to a therapist that specializes in sexual abuse in relationships to support you through your recovery journey.

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