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As parents we find it challenging to connect with our children at times, especially during puberty and teenage years when they start to distance themselves and begin to figure out who they are. As their character starts to develop, these changes are normal and as parents we want to respect our kids’ boundaries and space to grow. But how distant is too distant? If you suspect that your teenager may have experienced some form of sexual abuse, it is important to pay very close attention to their behavioral changes.

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How do I find an online sexual abuse therapist near me?

Sexual abuse is a traumatic experience this causes a string of short-term and long-term effects that range from mental health challenges to emotional and psychological challenges. As a victim of sexual abuse, you can suffer the effects long after the incident happens, it is important to seek help from a professional sexual abuse therapist near me to guide and support you through this process. Finding an online sexual abuse therapist is easier done through BetterHelp, we have taken the time to ensure that all of our sexual abuse therapists, coaches and specialists are extensively trained, experienced and professional. We only offer the best, most affordable and convenient methods of therapy. Connecting with one of our sexual abuse therapists will give you the comfort and of healing from your home.

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What are the behavioral indicators of sexual abuse?

Identifying the signs and behavioral indicators of sexual abuse in teenagers can be complicated, many times these behavioral indicators are overlooked or dismissed by parents as they see it as ‘growing pains’. It is important to pay close attention to your teenager in order to know how to tell if a teenager has been sexually abused and seek from a professional sexual abuse therapist to learn how to help a teenager who has been sexually abused.

 Many parents of caregivers assume that their teenagers will tell them if they’ve been sexually abused, but in most cases, they feel far too ashamed and guilty to tell anyone. The fear of being exposed and the thought of having to admit and accept what has happened can be extremely traumatizing for a teenager, this is why they prefer to internalize the trauma. Consequently, they will start to show emotional changes, behavioral changes and even physical changes. Every child’s response to their experience will be different depending on what happened and the severity of the sexual abuse experience.

 Look for these behavioral indicators of sexual abuse:

  1. They become extremely quiet and withdrawn
  2. They might cry for no obvious reason
  3. Bed wetting, defecating in their pants or thumb sucking
  4. Asking questions like, ‘do people have to keep secrets all the time?’
  5. Anger outbursts or emotional breakdowns
  6. Unexplained physical pain – stomach aches or head pains
  7. Nightmares
  8. Becomes angry or emotional when a certain person is mentioned
  9. Low self-esteem
  10. Has trouble maintaining relationships
  11. Trouble with sexual identity
  12. Self-harm, depressive episodes or anxiety
  13. Dangerous and unusual behavior – drugs and substance usage
  14. Dressing out of character
  15. Changes in eating habits

 We encourage parents to educate themselves about sexual abuse and how to identify the behavioral indications of sexual abuse in their teenagers. Through sexual abuse therapy, both parents and teenagers will be able to understand how sexual abuse affects child development and learn how to talk about being sexually abused in a safe, comfortable and effective way. The signs of sexual abuse in a teenager are challenging to identify, take small steps towards talking about sexual abuse with your teenager, when bringing up the subject, pay close attention to their verbal and nonverbal responses. It is important to remember that if they have been sexually abused and are keeping it a secret, they are more likely to avoid the subject. A sexual abuse therapist near me will give you the best steps to be able to talk to your teenager about sexual abuse.

How to tell if a teenager has been sexually abused?

An alarming rate of one in every three girls and one in six boys have been or will be sexually abused or assaulted before they turn 18. Sexual abuse reports show that 95% of those boys and girls have been sexually abused by someone they know, usually a family member. This tremendously affects the development of a child, resulting in severe psychological, emotional and physical challenges. As parents, teenagers will shut you out, don’t let that become a barrier for you to help your child and learn how to tell if a teenager has been sexually abused.

 A child’s age heavily dictates their response to sexual abuse, if you notice any of these signs, it may be grounds to investigate:

  1. Sudden obsession with genitals, their own or others
  2. Having their friends engage in sex play with them
  3. Inappropriate sex play involving younger children
  4. Continuous sexual playing
  5. Unusually frequent masturbation
  6. Specializing toys
  7. Playing games that involve dolls or action figures penetrating or getting penetrated
  8. Touching of genitals in public
  9. Being able to explain sex very well
  10. Being overly secretive or telling you they have a secret they can’t share
  11. Bleeding or bruising in the abdominal area
  12. Withdrawn or isolated behavior
  13. Their peers mention the abuse, subtly or covertly
  14. Insisting on sleeping with all their clothes on
  15. Nightmares of flashbacks
  16. Strange unexplained gifts or money
  17. Random mood swings and outbursts of anger
  18. Refusing to go to someone’s house or engage in certain activities
  19. Fear of being touched
  20. Regressive behavior

 Identifying your teenagers’ personal behavioral indicators of sexual abuse may entirely different. The above-mentioned signs should be used as a guide to assist you when trying to talk about being sexually abused with your teen or investigate and get professional help from a sexual abuse therapist who will be able to give you clearer advice and support.

How to help a teenager who has been sexually abused?

Sexual abuse counseling near me offers advice for parents who want to know how to help a teenager who has been sexually abused. Coping with your child enduring an incident as traumatic as sexual abuse can be emotionally and mentally exhausting and stressful. Connect with a sexual abuse therapist to ensure that you are in the best and most educated position to help your teenager who has been sexually abused.

 When talking to a teenager about being sexually abused, it will be uncomfortable for both parent and child, it is a sensitive subject that should be dealt with and treated with the most care possible. This is how you can help a teenager who has been sexually abused:

  • If they talk to you, listen without interrupting and believe them
  • Ask subtle questions, not too many and take note of their responses
  • Do not overreact and become emotional, make sure they know they can trust you
  • Reassure them that you will protect them and you love them
  • Take the time to be more present with your child – take time off work, pick them up from school, etc.
  • Do regular check-ins with them
  • Make sure they know that they can talk to you whenever they need to
  • Ask them how you can help them and be prepared to do that for them
  • Make sure that they understand it’s not their fault and neither is it yours

How does online sexual abuse counseling work?

With BetterHelp.  online sexual abuse counseling with a trained, experienced and professional sexual abuse therapist, you will learn about what sexual abuse is and the short-term and long-term effects of sexual abuse. Sexual abuse counseling is both a learning and healing journey for parents and teenagers who have experienced sexual abuse. We understand that as a parent having to face the trauma of your child being sexually abused is an emotional and painful journey, the support of a sexual abuse therapist will give you the strength to cope and the advice to help yourself and your teenager overcome sexual abuse trauma.

How will online sexual abuse counseling my teen cope?

Teenagers experience an entirely different world to yours as parents, their pressures and stressors are completely different and require sensitive attention. A teenager that has been sexually abused may be experiencing an array of confusing, frustrating and burdensome emotions. They may be struggling to process their trauma and could be feeling helpless and lonely. If you suspect your teenager has been sexually abused, it is important to intervene and connect them to a sexual abuse therapist to help them understand what has happened and how to manage and overcome the trauma.

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