Therapy for PTSD from Sexual Abuse.  Best Online Complex PTSD Therapist Near Me.

What is PTSD or C-PTSD from sexual abuse?

PTSD, posttraumatic stress disorder and C-PTSD, complex posttraumatic stress disorder is a severe trauma reaction that occurs as a chemical reaction in the brain. 

The body and the brain go into ‘shock mode’ during a traumatic experience such as sexual abuse – this is called, ‘fight or flight’.  The brain begins to send signals to the rest of the body in order to cope, manage and protect itself during the sexual abuse.

As a result, many compartments in the brain are affected by this and are either over or under stimulated. Unfortunately many victims for sexual abuse suffer from PTSD or C-PTSD long after their sexual abuse experience.

It is very common for any trauma victims to develop PTSD or C-PTSD after a sexual abuse or any other traumatic experience.

We highly recommend PTSD sexual abuse therapy or C-PTSD therapy for victims of sexual abuse are developing symptoms of either traumatic reactions.

Complex PTSD Therapist Near Me

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How do I find an online complex PTSD therapist near me?

Finding an online complex PTSD therapist near me to support and advise you through your recovery journey is of crucial importance for victims who have experienced sexual abuse. 

The aftereffects can cause both short-term and long-term emotional, physical and psychological challenges which have been linked to affecting many areas of your life.

BetterHelp online Complex PTSD therapy for sexually abused individuals has made it easy for you to start your recovery journey and connect with the most suitable, eligible and certified Complex PTSD therapist near me.

BetterHelp online complex PTSD therapy is the most affordable, convenient and effective method of online therapy.  In comparison to traditional methods of therapy, BetterHelp gives you the freedom of choosing your own personal complex PTSD therapist for sexual abuse that you feel most comfortable with.

With 24 hour direct access to your therapist, you can schedule and plan your sessions according to your availability.  Conduct therapy your way and however you feel most comfortable, through video call, phone call, live chat and even mail – you are guaranteed the best, professional and effective help for complex PTSD. 

Get matched with a Betterhelp online complex PTSD therapist

Effective, convenient, and affordable online sessions.  Start by filling out this survey in its entirety.

Whenever you are ready to get connected, simply fill out this quick questionnaire carefully, take your time with your answers as they help us understand how we can help you best with your recovery journey. 

Shortly after you’ve finished the questionnaire, we will selected the best suited complex PTSD therapists for you to choose from and begin your PTSD sexual abuse therapy from the comfort of your home.

What are PTSD symptoms in a sexually abused victim?

Defining sexual abuse symptoms will vary between each victim, your body and your brain respond and compartmentalizes trauma differently, causing victims to develop different coping methods and even different after effects.

Not all sexual abuse victims will experience PTSD or complex PTSD from sexual abuse, for those who do, identifying the signs may range between severe PTSD symptoms to mild and subtle PTSD symptoms.

If you, or someone you know is showing signs of PTSD from sexual abuse, these indicators may be reason to further investigate and seek help from a professional PTSD from sexual abuse therapist.

PTSD symptoms in sexually abused:

  • Hypervigilance, paranoia, fear, or agitation
  • Traumatic flashback and reliving the sexual abuse experience
  • Severe anxiety and distrust
  • Loss of interest in enjoyable activities
  • Withdrawn from friends and family
  • Self-destructive or high risk-behavior
  • Depression or depressive episodes
  • Nightmares and night terrors
  • Constant negative thoughts
  • Hopelessness
  • Dissociative behavior
  • Emotional detachment
  • Isolation and social avoidance

These are mild symptoms of PTSD in sexually abused individuals.  Symptoms may vary dependinging on the sexual abuse victim, the severity and period of the sexual abuse incident. However, any of the above-mentioned signs are warnings to get help from a professional sexual abuse therapist.

Therapists that specialize in PTSD offer help for complex PTSD victims who are experiencing trauma symptoms through sexual abuse therapy.

The long-term effects of PTSD can affect your mental, emotional and physical well-being if not treated effectively, you may experience:

  • Chronic and unexplained pains
  • Severe headaches
  • High risk of developing various autoimmune diseases
  • Loss of academic or cognitive ability
  • Difficulty developing and maintaining healthy relationships
  • Substance abuse
  • Depression, suicidal thoughts and attempts, loneliness

Although many sexual abuse victims will face long lasting symptoms and effects of trauma, there are many ways to overcome and heal from the trauma to help you reset and reclaim your life.

The first step you can take is searching for professional help.  Sexual abuse therapy for victims experiencing PTSD from sexual abuse can help you better understand, identify and manage sexual abuse PTSD triggers.

You can also try methods of EMDR (eye movement and desensitization reprocessing) therapy, and grounding techniques to help you soothe your PTSD symptoms and triggers.

Can you get PTSD from sexual abuse?

Sexual abuse victims experience a wide range of emotions through the sexual abuse event. Furthermore, after the incident ends, victims can develop psychological distress as well that can affect them in many areas of their lives.

Can you get PTSD from sexual abuse? Yes you can. Holding onto trauma and the pain attached to it can cause you to develop C-PTSD or PTSD from sexual abuse. 

It is important and strongly encouraged for all sexual abuse victims to get help from a professional sexual abuse therapist as soon as possible.

The difference between PTSD and C-PTSD.

Both PTSD and C-PTSD (a newer form and variation of PTSD) both share similar symptoms, while they can be caused by different traumatic events, the psychological differences are distinct.

As researchers continue to study the complexities and effects of C-PTSD, these are the symptoms shared by both PTSD and C-PTSD.

  • Re-living; having flashbacks, re-living or intrusive thoughts about the sexual abuse incident.
  • Avoidance and isolation; avoiding people, places and even activities that remind you of the sexual abuse.
  • Changes in mood and thoughts; you may experience extreme and rapid mood changes caused by negative or fearful thoughts.
  • Constantly on edge; feeling anxious or fearful, being paranoid, irritable or having difficulty sleeping and eating.

While the severity of these symptoms can vary, they are still extremely damaging to a victims well-being.  If not dealt with accordingly, PTSD and C-PTSD can further complicate and develop into long-term effects that look like:

  • Difficulty regulating emotions.
  • Trouble maintaining relationships.
  • Daily functionality is affected.
  • Interpersonal difficulties.
  • Reliving trauma.
  • Social avoidance.
  • Anxiety, paranoia and fear.
  • Hypervigilance.
  • Depression.
  • Dissociative behavior.

PTSD sexual abuse therapy with a specialized PTSD therapist can help for complex PTSD as well.

Although both share similar symptoms, their effects can be extremely damaging and manifest into life-threatening challenges.

How to find help for complex PTSD?

Because complex PTSD exhibits similar symptoms to regular PTSD, victims are commonly misdiagnosed.  Researchers and complex PTSD therapists are experienced in distinguishing the differences to help you further understand the condition and guide you through healing.

It is suggested by complex PTSD therapists that you keep a diary or journal of your emotional, mental and physical symptoms and log them as frequently as possible.  Doing this will help you identify your symptoms better as well as your sexual abuse PTSD triggers, when receiving treatment and help for complex PTSD.  This gives your therapist a more clear understanding of how to develop an effective method of healing with you.

Help for complex PTSD can be different for all sexual abuse victims suffering from C-PTSD and PTSD from sexual abuse, to put yourself in a safe space to be able to openly talk about your trauma and experience is the first step to recovery.

Connect to a complex PTSD therapist near me sooner rather than later to avoid further long-term damage.

How does Online Therapy for PTSD from Sexual Abuse work?

BetterHelp offers the most affordable, convenient and effective methods of online therapy.  We have been able to help victims of sexual abuse with the most severe cases heal and overcome their trauma as well as give them the support and encouragement to manage and cope with complex PTSD and PTSD from sexual abuse.

When choosing your sexual abuse therapist with BetterHelp, you have 24/7 direct access to them, this gives you the freedom to plan and schedule your PTSD sexual abuse therapy sessions based on your availability and comfort.

You are giving yourself the best opportunity to learn more about yourself and how to heal, overcome and manage PTSD from sexual abuse.

Healing from home with BetterHelp online therapy for PTSD from sexual abuse is a safe and effective method of therapy for sexual abuse victims.

How will Online Therapy for PTSD from Sexual Abuse improve my  life?

Online therapy for PTSD from sexual abuse with a specialist PTSD therapist, will guide you through understanding your sexual abuse incident and the effects it has on you psychologically, emotionally and physically.

You will also learn how to better manage your emotions and identify your triggers so that you can grow and heal.

By choosing online therapy for PTSD from sexual abuse, you are allowing yourself to be vulnerable and receive the treatment you need to deal with your challenges.

Sexual abuse victims commonly feel helpless and alone after such a traumatic experience and need the emotional support and encouragement that they are afraid to seek.

With BetterHelp you will always have someone to speak to that you can trust.

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