LGBTQ Couples Therapy Near Me. Easily Find LGBT Marriage Counseling.

My journey of finding a suitable, respectful, and understanding LGBTQ couples therapist near me has been utterly disadvantageous.

When my wife and I started experiencing challenges after getting married, it was clear that we needed a third impartial party to step in. We started arguing over silly things and communication became flawed and ineffective.

lgbtq couples therapy near me

Psychology Sessions from Home

Over time I started researching to find LGBTQ marriage counseling for convenience. We needed professional guidance from someone that understood and supported the LGBTQ community.

As easy as it sounds, it was a terrible journey.

I drove to countless therapists’ offices that assured me they are LGBTQ-friendly and that their counseling specialists are understanding of the complex challenges we are facing. It was not what I expected.

The therapy sessions were ridiculously overpriced and not tailored to accommodate LGBTQ marriage challenges. After a few months of meeting with multiple different “LGBTQ marriage therapists”, we realized that our challenges are not improving at all.

Things seemed to be getting worse, we were drifting apart, sleeping in separate rooms and it was extremely painful for both of us.

I knew that I couldn’t give up and that we had to continue the search to save our marriage. I went back to search for more LGBTQ marriage counseling, and that’s when I found Pride Counseling.

lgbt marriage counseling near me

How did I find a good specialist for LGBT couples counseling online?

Finding an LGBTQ couples therapist near me was so discouraging. When I joined Pride Counseling, I had so many questions and concerns. I was worried that it would be similar to the experience we had with in-person therapists. We were absolutely amazed when we connected to our LGBTQ couples therapist.

All of our questions were answered quickly and directly. We had no concerns about whether the counselor would be able to assist us the way we needed.

Once we started our online LGBTQ couples therapy, we were able to sit down and talk freely to our counselor about the issues we were facing. Having professional, respectful, and LGBTQ-friendly couples therapy was such a relief for my wife and me.

Using the Pride Counseling platform has allowed us to connect with our couples therapist whenever we need. We have the choice to do individual or couple sessions.

Online LGBTQ marriage counseling has helped us improve areas of our marriage and individual lives that we never would’ve been able to do in traditional therapy!

It is so convenient and with our busy schedules, it’s so much easier to plan sessions together.

Get matched with a Pride Counseling LGBTQ couples therapist.

Effective, convenient, and affordable online sessions. Start by filling out this survey in it’s entirety.

One of the most important things to us was to find affordable, but effective LGBTQ couples therapy. Pride Counseling has ticked all of our boxes and we are happier, stronger and closer than we’ve ever been.

We appreciate how our couples therapist has taught us unique ways of facing challenges. We have learnt methods that improve our communication and conflict management.

Having a therapist that is LGBTQ friendly has guided us through dealing with moments of gender confusion. Both my wife and I have healed previously unresolved LGBTQ related challenges.

We strongly advise any LGBTQ couples to join the Pride Counseling platform and benefit from LGBTQ-friendlt couples therapy.

Pride counseling – The best Service for LGBTQ marriage counseling online

Because we were so impressed with how inclusive, respectful and supportive our LGBTQ marriage counselor was – we suggested it to some of our friends. The results have been life-changing.

Our friends had connected with amazing LGBTQ-affirming therapists near me.

I would highly recommend choosing this platform when looking for LGBTQ marriage counseling. The entire team of professional, certified and LGBTQ-friendly specialists are welcoming and allow you to come as you are in a safe space.

The sign-up process was simple and straightforward. All we had to do was complete a quick questionnaire carefully. Answering questions about our preferences, lifestyle and objectives. This questionnaire helps the team match you with the most eligible LGBTQ couples therapist.

Within a few short hours, we received a message confirming our match and we started with our online therapy sessions.

Why is Pride counseling your best Service for LGBTQ marriage counseling?

Because the counseling team’s objective is to alleviate LGBTQ related challenges, the services provided are specifically designed for the LGBTQ community.

Not only do they have hands-on services, but the specialists, counselors and therapists are all within the LGBTQ community. This makes it far more comfortable to communicate with therapists and receive effective advice, guidance and support.

Online LGBTQ marriage counseling is the most convenient method of therapy. It works perfectly for us, we have the advantage of doing our sessions from our couch. It minimizes the stress of having to travel to a therapist’s office and get stuck in traffic.

It helps us solve challenges in the comfort of our home, and more importantly, it’s effective and highly affordable.

We decided to invest in our marriage, and Pride Counseling has made it more than worth our while.

How does  LGBT couples counseling online work?

Once we matched with our LGBTQ marriage counselor, we were dedicated to a virtual room where we could directly communicate with our counselor. There are different options of communication channels to choose from.

1. Live Chat.

With the platform live chat you can schedule a time with your therapist, log into your account and start chatting. This will help you in moments when you or your partner just need quick advice or support.

2. Messaging.

The system allows direct communication with your therapist whenever you need. This is a private and secure space created for you to openly discuss anything, and receive effective advice, support and guidance.

3. Video call.

Video chat sessions allow you to have the same in-person face-to-face experience with your therapist in your private virtual room.

4. Phone call.

The platform shares a number that you can use to call your counselor. All you need to do is log into your account, log a time and start your conversation. Your contact number will not be shared with your therapist.

These communication channels help in the times when you need immediate responses from your marriage therapist.

Pricing – What are the differences with in person

The LGBTQ marriage counseling services are highly affordable. Compared to the in person sessions we were attending and had to pay between $60-$190 per hour long sessions.

Pride Counseling offers high-quality, gender inclusive, online therapy for only $60-$90 a week!

How will  LGBT couples counseling online help me to improve my life?

Since my wife and I started our LGBTQ couples counseling sessions, we’ve learnt so much about being a queer couple. We thought we had it all figured out until we got married.

Before our weekly sessions with our LGBTQ marriage counselor, we were struggling to see eye to eye, everything turned into an argument and it almost caused us to separate.

Now, we’ve grown both individually and as a couple. We’re healthier, happier and more understanding of our challenges. Because our LGBTQ couples therapist taught us methods of how to resolve conflict, communicate effectively and listen respectfully – we’ve never been more stable.

As members of the LGBTQ community, we understand how hard it is to find the right couples therapist that is LGBTQ-friendly. We need to look out for each other, and we confidently recommend choosing Pride Counseling.


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