Transgender Couples Therapy.  Best Solutions for Trans Couples: Therapy Transgender.

Gender identity can be confusing, especially once you transition and need support from friends and family. No one talks about how hard it is to find appropriate help.

My boyfriend and I are a trans couple. We did our transitions at different times and then started dating. After a few years passed, we were still going through hormone treatment, and it started causing challenges in our relationship.

We wanted to consult a transgender therapist that could help alleviate the root causes of our challenges. Figuring things out together as a trans couple was hard. We had very different views, and opinions and were both very stubborn.

When we started our search for a trans couple therapist, we had no luck for months. We found ourselves sitting in a therapist’s office that had no idea how to handle transgender couples. After a while, we started feeling extremely uncomfortable and we weren’t getting any valuable, effective, and professional guidance.

We realized that we couldn’t just choose any therapist because the experiences we had with precious therapists showed that they were uneducated and had no experience in helping transgender couples.

My boyfriend then came to me with the idea of online trans couples therapy. This made me anxious and doubtful. But I knew we needed the help.  

What intrigued me most was that online trans couples therapy was highly affordable and it fit perfectly into our demanding schedules.

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How did I find a great trans couple’s therapist?

Choosing the option of online trans therapy was nerve-wracking. I had no idea what I was getting into. When my boyfriend introduced the idea, I was worried that we wouldn’t receive professional trans therapy.

When we started reading about Pride Counseling, we started feeling more comfortable and excited about the journey.

Signing up was easy. All we had to do was answer a short questionnaire about ourselves and what we wanted to get out of our therapy sessions. These questions are intended to help us get matched with a transgender therapist that had experience with our challenges. Shortly after that, we received an email saying we had been matched with a trans couple therapist.

For our first session, we opted to do a video call. This gave us the chance to get to meet our trans therapist “face-to-face”. We were both nervous and had so many questions that we wanted to ask. Our therapist was more than happy to answer all our questions.

By the end of our session, we felt at ease knowing that we had found a great trans couples’ therapist who was experienced in helping the LGBTQ community.

Get matched with a Pride Counseling good trans couples therapist.

Effective, convenient, and affordable online sessions. Start by filling out this survey in it’s entirety.

If you are considering Pride Counseling for transgender couples therapy, here’s what you can do.

Simply visit the website and complete the short questionnaire about yourself, your partner, your lifestyle, and your objectives. This questionnaire is kept private and used to find you the best match.

Within a few hours to a week, you will be connected to a transgender therapist who you can communicate with directly. Planning and scheduling your sessions is based entirely on your preferences and availability.

Then you’re all set up to start your online transgender couples therapy!

Best solutions for trans couples: therapy transgender –  Pride counseling.

Throughout our online transgender couples therapy, we learned things about ourselves and one another that we never knew. Our trans therapist guided us through resolving personal and intimate challenges that we could not handle ourselves.

We would highly recommend this platform to any trans couple looking for appropriate therapy methods. You get the benefit of professional, private, and respectful sessions with a certified transgender therapist.

The best part is that it’s convenient and affordable! We pay a monthly subscription fee and have sessions every week together individually depending on how we feel. It is such a relief to know that there is supportive, highly educated and inclusive online therapy for LGBTQ.

With a wide selection of LGBTQ-affirming therapists, there are therapy services like l

LGBTQ marriage counseling, gender confusion therapy, and even therapy for how to deal with gender dysphoria without transitioning.

Pride Counseling has the best services for all LGBTQ individuals and couples.

How does Transgender Couples Therapy work?

With your online trans couple therapy sessions, you have the option to do;

  1. Video chat.
  2. Phone call.
  3. Live chat.
  4. Live messaging.

All of these options are made to accommodate everyone. Not all therapy sessions need to be the same so you can choose whichever option you are not comfortable with.

Once you’ve gotten matched with your trans therapist, you will get allocated a private virtual room. This room is where all your communication and therapy sessions will take place.

Simply log into your account and schedule a time with your therapist.

You can choose between a transgender therapist, an LGBTQ- affirming therapist near me , and counselors who are all unique, they each bring different methods of problem-solving. You also have the option of requesting a new therapist at any point in your journey if you feel uncomfortable or dissatisfied.

Why is Pride counseling your best Service for Transgender Couples Therapy?

When it comes to finding the right transgender couples therapy options, it is so hard to connect with an appropriate therapist. Traditional in-person therapy methods can be inconvenient and overpriced. There were two important factors we were considering when looking for the right trans couples therapist.

Because Pride Counseling is online, it gives you the freedom to continue your normal routine without having to change plans to rush to a therapy session. We also found that having online trans therapy sessions made us more comfortable because we were at home in a safe space.

Of course, it is extremely affordable, and we love the fact that we’re getting high-quality therapy at a budget-friendly price.


This platform is membership-based. We get billed monthly for a weekly price of $60-$90 and have the option to cancel at any time. Compared to the traditional in-person therapy prices where we were charged  $90-$160 per one-hour-long session.

Online trans couples therapy is a far better option.

    How will  Transgender Couples Therapy help me to improve my life?

    Gender transition is a journey on its own. My boyfriend and I realized that even though we were supporting each other, it was good to have another perspective on certain things.

    We’ve grown closer to each other and learned how to manage conflict or arguments in a healthier way. No more sleeping in separate rooms and definitely fewer depressive episodes.

    If we hadn’t connected with this platform and signed up for transgender couples therapy, we would not be the strong, healthy, and stable couple we are today. It’s thanks to our attentive, accepting, and supportive transgender therapist that we are where we are today.

    We highly recommend choosing online transgender couples therapy for the LGBTQ community!


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