Find a ROGD Therapist for Excellent Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria Therapy.

Finding a specialist in ROGD is extremely hard. Many therapists and specialists don’t entirely understand or are educated enough in helping the LGBTQ community.

When you experience something as sudden as ROGD, it can cause a whirlwind of emotions.

It is common for young adults and adolescents to experience RODG, and this makes it even more challenging to express your feelings. Many people who experience rapid onset gender dysphoria become so confused about these sudden symptoms of gender confusion.

It’s crucial to speak to a certified, professional and experienced ROGD therapist that can help you understand and get past what you’re going through.

Although many in-person therapists are not clued up on ROGD, Pride counseling has taken the time to put together the most experienced, educated, and professional LGBTQ therapists, counselors, and specialists to help the community.

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How did I find a good ROGD Therapist for Excellent Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria Therapy?

When I started noticing the signs of rapid onset of gender dysphoria, I was confused by the sudden intense emotions I was experiencing. I remember talking to a friend about it and they did not understand, after that, I decided to keep it to myself. This was the mistake I had made.

Because I suppressed my feelings about what I was going through, my symptoms became worse. I woke up every day scrutinizing my features, my facial hair, my body, and my ‘masculine’ structure. I felt so uncomfortable. Over time I became severely anxious and depressed.

I needed to talk to someone, but I knew that not my family or friends would understand. I consulted a therapist that was nearby my college campus, thinking that they would be able to help me. Unfortunately, when I explained the symptoms of what I was experiencing, the therapist had no idea what I was talking about. Needless to say, this made me feel even worse.

The therapist suggested I look into this platform called Pride Counseling. This is when I had a sigh of relief. I signed up immediately and got connected to a professional online ROGD therapist.

Get matched with a Pride Counseling ROGD Therapist.

Effective, convenient, and affordable online sessions. Start by filling out this survey in it’s entirety.

Signing up was simple.

After doing some research about the platform, I instantly felt that this was the right option.

One of the most important things I was considering is the price. I wasn’t entirely familiar with online therapy for LGBTQ. When I read the site’s membership prices, it was well within my budget.

When I landed on the Pride Counseling website I had to answer a short questionnaire carefully about myself and what I was looking for. Not long after I completed the questionnaire, I got notified that I’d be matched with a ROGD therapist.

Of course I had my reservations, so before my first session, I had a list of questions I wanted to ask my therapist. To my surprise, she was so helpful, and educated and made me feel at ease.

How does Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria Therapy work?

ROGD therapy is the most convenient, affordable and effective method of therapy I have been through. The sessions are extremely helpful and specific to my challenges at the time.

Because the platform focuses on your comfort and privacy, there are four different channels of communication. After you are matched with your RODG therapist, you will be allocated a private virtual room dedicated to you and your therapist.

In this room you can either use:

  1. Live messaging.
  2. Live chat.
  3. Phone call.
  4. Video call.

This makes it easier to have sessions even when you are on the go or need fast responses.

Planning and scheduling time with my ROGD therapist is simple. All I need to do is log into my account and schedule a time slot, and then I can begin my online sessions.

I also have the option to change to a different online gender therapist if I feel the need.

Why is Pride counseling your best Service for Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria Therapy?

As a college student experiencing ROGD, I don’t always have the time or the budget for traditional in-person therapy. I’ve found that Pride Counseling online ROGD sessions are far more effective for me.

Not only is the membership affordable, I know that I am receiving LGBTQ-friendly therapy from an educated, respectful and professional therapist. I’ve started feeling a lot more secure in myself and have learned healthier methods of dealing with my emotions.

I can schedule my sessions when I have time between classes or whenever else is convenient for me. Having sessions from the comfort of my home makes me feel safe and less anxious.

If anyone is experiencing ROGD, and is looking for online therapy for LGBTQ, try Pride Counseling.


Pride Counseling is a membership-based platform. You pay a fee of $60-$90 per week which is billed monthly and you have the option to cancel at any time.

In comparison to traditional therapy where you would pay between $60-$120 for one hour-long session, online therapy is a far better option.

    How will a good ROGD Therapist help me to improve my life?

    Ever since I started my online sessions with the ROGD therapist, I’ve felt more connected to who I am. Managing my emotions and sudden feelings of gender confusion has been much easier. I feel more empowered and confident in my identity and very rarely feel like the world is on my shoulders.

    My ROGD therapist has supported me through all my highs and lows, and whenever I need a listening ear, I always have someone to call. Knowing that I have an educated, professional LGBTQ-affirming therapist near me is reassuring.

    I highly recommend getting connected.

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