Affordable Therapy to Treat PTSD from Emotional Abuse.

Emotional abuse, physical abuse, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse. They are all very different forms of abuse but have one common effect – trauma.

When someone is a victim of emotional abuse, they experience psychological and emotional damage – these effects can manifest into more complicated challenges that can cause PTSD.

What is PTSD? PTSD – Post traumatic stress disorder, this happens after a traumatic or life changing experience occurs and it has a direct effect on someone’s psychological development. PTSD is when your body goes into a state of shock and becomes unable to process and release the shock from the trauma, causing you to live in the shock.

PTSD From Emotional Abuse

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Best therapy to treat PTSD from emotional abuse – Betterhelp

Emotional abuse causes severe psychological damage, this more often than not, manifests into various other challenges – PTSD being one of them. BetterHelp strongly urges you to connect to an emotional abuse therapist to help you further understand the effects of PTSD from emotional abuse.

As a victim of emotional abuse, the stages of recovery will be different based on the individual. In order to heal PTSD from emotional abuse you will need the close guidance and support of a professional emotional abuse therapist to help you learn and understand the depths of PTSD from emotional abuse.

Our team of BetterHelp emotional abuse therapists are skillful, certified professionals who have worked tirelessly with emotional abuse victims, treating and helping them recover from trauma and suffering from PTSD from emotional abuse through emotional abuse therapy.

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BetterHelp offers high-standard, affordable, convenient and effective online methods of emotional abuse therapy.

Can emotional abuse cause PTSD?

PTSD refers to a one-time or short-term traumatic event as a response. Complex PTSD (C- PTSD) is when someone is unable to leave the situation or traumatic experience, in this case, emotional abuse.

It is important to identify the different characteristics and behaviors/symptoms of each form of PTSD as they closely share similar symptoms.

Complex PTSD can change how a victim sees or portrays an emotional abuser or the situation as a result of being constantly manipulated and groomed by the abuser throughout the period of time.

All forms of PTSD are based on emotional and psychological responses to trauma that is caused by intense fear and anxiety.

Regular PTSD can happen even if someone hears about or witnesses a traumatic incident that they might find disturbing. This can happen as a result of:

  • Losing a loved one or family member
  • Witnessing a death, violence, sexual or physical abuse
  • Hearing about a natural disaster or terrorist attack
  • Hearing or reading about catastrophic events

Any form of abuse, especially emotional abuse, can cause PTSD, the symptoms and severity depends on the individual. Treatment from a professional emotional abuse therapist for PTSD is highly encouraged if you are experiencing early onset symptoms of PTSD or C-PTSD.

Connect to an emotional abuse therapist through BetterHelp that will be able to offer you the best emotional abuse therapy to treat PTSD, as well as give you the support and encouragement that you need when confronting and healing trauma from emotional abuse.

How have I developed PTSD from emotional abuse?

When identifying the symptoms of PTSD from emotional abuse, it’s important to first recognize the signs of emotional abuse in order to properly understand what type of PTSD you may have developed.

Signs of emotional abuse:

  • Threats to you or your loved ones
  • Isolation from friends and family
  • Gaslighting
  • Yelling, swearing or rude comments
  • Degrading comments about you
  • Withholding affection, finances or emotional attention
  • Overt manipulation

These are all common signs of emotional abuse that you can use as a guideline to identify if you’re experiencing emotional abuse. To further uncover and understand emotional abuse and the more subtle and overt signs, it is encouraged to connect to an emotional abuse therapist who can properly identify these signs with you.

It is important to understand that emotional abuse is not normal, nor is it your fault. There is no ‘normal’ way of reacting or processing the effects of these incidents and trauma. PTSD is a common psychological and emotional response to traumatic events, if left untreated by a professional emotional abuse therapist, can develop into life-threatening challenges and may become incurable.

How to tell if you have developed PTSD from emotional abuse:

  1. If you’re experiencing extremely high levels of stress, uneasiness, or you feel constantly on edge for unusually long periods of time that starts to affect your daily functionality

2. Random angry outbursts or mood swings.

3. Constant negative thoughts that bring you down, cause suicidal thoughts or depressive episodes.

4. Insomnia, nightmares and traumatic flashbacks.

5. Often reliving the experience and experiencing physical effects such as rapid heartbeat and sweating.

6. Emotional, physical or mental regression or negative changes.

7. Afraid of being alone or complete isolation and withdrawn behavior.

If you are experiencing three or more of the above symptoms of PTSD, we strongly advise you to connect to an emotional abuse therapist to help you overcome the effects and damage of emotional abuse that has caused PTSD. You deserve the best treatment and guidance to overcome your trauma.

How does online  therapy to treat PTSD from emotional abuse work?

BetterHelp online emotional abuse therapy is the best, most affordable, convenient and effective method of therapy. With a wide range of highly professional, certified and experienced emotional abuse therapists who have worked with severe cases of PTSD from emotional abuse and successfully treated individuals challenged with trauma, you are in safe and capable hands.

BetterHelp gives you the advantage of direct access to your emotional abuse therapist whenever and however you need. Planning and scheduling sessions with your personal emotional therapist is completely in your control for your comfort and convenience.

To ensure that you are always comfortable in your sessions, you can choose to conduct your sessions via video call, phone call, text or even mail – it is up to you.

How will online therapy to treat PTSD from emotional abuse redefine my life?

We believe that healing is an essential part of self-development and improvement. It is unfair to suffer from PTSD from emotional abuse even though it was not your fault.

You deserve to live a happy and trauma-free life. BetterHelp doesn’t only offer you the knowledge to entirely understand the depths of emotional abuse and PTSD, but also makes sure that you are safe, comfortable and supported through every step of your recovery from PTSD from emotional abuse.

We encourage all abuse victims to get connected with an emotional abuse therapist to heal and overcome your trauma.

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