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Emotional abuse amongst families is a traumatic experience. Identifying the signs of family emotional abuse can cause anxiety, stress and fear.

We encourage families that have been through any form of emotional abuse to connect to a Christian family therapist through Faithful Counseling to help you all heal from the effects of the abuse you have experienced.

Christian Family Therapy Near Me

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The best affordable Christian family therapy near me – Faithful Counseling

Through Faithful Counseling family therapy sessions, you and your family will be able to talk about your trauma in a safe space. Your family members will have the opportunity to receive advice, support and comfort they need in order to overcome and heal from emotional abuse from family members.

Faithful Counseling online methods of therapy is carefully set up to ensure that our certified, experienced and professional therapists are well equipped to identify the warning signs of emotional abuse.  And how to deal with emotionally abusive family members, addressing verbal and emotional abuse in families. 

Understanding the signs of denial of emotional abuse in families and helping you through the process of acceptance, healing and forgiveness.

Emotional abuse therapy through Faithful Counseling is important when families have gone through and experienced any form of abuse. Faithful Counseling is the best online affordable method of therapy.

With thousands of certified, experienced and professional therapists to choose from, you are guaranteed to find an emotional abuse therapist that will help you and your family overcome emotional abuse and regain trust and security as a family unit.

With Faithful Counseling online therapy sessions, you have the advantage and freedom of planning and scheduling your sessions online whenever and however you want to.

The benefit of having the freedom to do sessions with your family members wherever they are allows you all to be in your comfortable spaces allowing you to be vulnerable without the pressure and anxiety of traditional therapy methods.

No travel time, no hassle – convenient, effective and affordable.

Get matched with a Faithful Counseling Christian family therapist

Effective, convenient, and affordable online sessions.

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Getting matched to a Christian family therapist is easy, simple and takes less than 5 minutes to sign up with Faithful Counseling. Simply answer this questionnaire carefully and get connected to your personal therapist.

Our team of family therapists, psychologists and coaches have created this questionnaire carefully in order to make sure that you are matched with the best family emotional abuse therapist.

What is family emotional abuse?

Family emotional abuse is a highly traumatic experience for any family member.

When there are children involved, it is important as adults or caregivers to take the responsibility of ensuring that they are protected.

Abuse in a family unit can cause multitudes of emotional and psychological damage.

Emotional or verbal abuse in families creates fear, anxiety and distrust, the family unit becomes unstable, there is a loss of security, trust and sometimes love.

When there is emotional abuse in a family unit, family members are left with the scars as an effect of abuse. It can cause long lasting damage if left untreated.

Emotional abuse is any form of behavior that is done to make one or more people feel ashamed, fearful, guilty or threatened. It is designed to control and intimidate someone.

Emotional abuse is any form of abuse that is not physical.

Family emotional abuse can happen between siblings and parents, siblings and siblings, or any other family relationships.

What are the signs of family emotional abuse?


 Any form of aggression towards a family member. This can be:

  • Accusing or blaming
  • Name-calling or criticizing
  • Verbal insults or assaults
  • Threats of any kind
  • Belittling
  • Screaming and swearing

 Consistent Chaos

 An emotionally abusive person intentionally starts arguments and prolongs conflict with the intention to emotionally harm someone.


  • Most emotionally abusive people deny their behavior when confronted.
  • They will avoid taking accountability and blame you for misunderstanding what ‘actually happened’
  • They will deny or dismiss any viewpoints that don’t align with their own
  • They will dismiss your feelings, needs or emotions


  • An emotionally abusive family member will play on a child’s fear, compassion or guilt to get their way
  • They will threaten to abandon or reject a child
  • Ignoring the child until they beg or give in

 Controlling behavior

  • Emotionally abusive family members are extremely controlling of ever movement
  • They live vicariously through their child’s actions

 Unpredictable responses

  • Drastic mood changes or mood swings
  • Dramatic or drastically different responses to the same events
  • This kind of uncertainty causes a child to be constantly on edge, frightened or hyper-vigilant

Experiencing family emotional abuse from any family member is damaging.

If you have recognized any of the signs of family emotional abuse mentioned above and feel as though you may have experienced or are experiencing emotional abuse, we strongly encourage you to reach out to a professional to help you and your family through Christian family therapy.

It is important to see a Christian family therapist if you or your family have experienced emotional abuse from family members.

How does online Christian family therapy work?

Faithful Counseling has the best affordable online family therapy services for you. We specialize in helping families that have experienced all forms of abuse to overcome these challenges and heal, individually and as a family unit. We deal with sensitive challenges with respect, faith and confidentiality.

Our certified, professional and experienced family emotional abuse therapists have assisted people in dealing with seeing the signs of family emotional abuse, verbal and emotional abuse in families, how to deal with an emotionally abusive family member, identifying the signs of emotional abuse from mom, and how to deal with denial of emotional abuse in families.

At Faithful Counseling we encourage you to allow yourself to get professional guidance and advice when facing challenges.

Christian Counseling, Christian family therapy, domestic abuse therapy near me, and emotional abuse therapy near me are a few of the online counseling sessions we have to offer for you.

All of our online therapy sessions are affordable, effective and convenient for your benefit.

How will online Christian family therapy improve my life?

With Faithful Counseling Christian family therapy, we put family first. Your healing is our number one priority.

We encourage all families that have experienced any form of emotional or verbal abuse to get connected to a Christian family therapist who will be able to guide you through the journey of healing from your trauma.

It is not an easy challenge to overcome and having a third impartial person to support you and your family will alleviate the stress of having to deal with it by yourself.

We aim to improve the quality of your lives and give you the confidence that through these sessions, you will learn how to forgive yourself and your family for any emotional abuse that has happened.

Christian Counseling Emotional Abuse

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