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Narcissistic personality disorder is when a person has an inflated sense of self-admiration or self-importance, they may desire excessive attention and admiration from others. Narcissist people have little or no regard for other people’s feelings or emotions. They are extremely self-centred and always need to be right. The truth behind this disorder is that narcissistic people are deeply insecure and suffer from low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

Narcissistic Abuse Therapy Online

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Narcissistic abuse victims oftentimes find themselves confused by their narcissistic friend’s behavior, they are extremely self-centered and don’t find their behavior to be abusive, most times a narcissistic friend will make you question for own sense of self and doubt your own belief of the situation and even begin to question your own behavior. As a team of professional, certified and vastly trained therapists specializing in narcissistic abuse, BetterHelp offers the best narcissistic abuse therapy online. All narcissistic abuse victims need to connect with a therapist specializing in narcissistic abuse in order to heal from the effects of narcissistic abuse, learn and understand what is narcissistic abuse and, figure out how long does it take to recover from narcissistic abuse, and find your personalized method on how to detox from narcissistic abuse.

BetterHelp narcissistic abuse therapy online is more affordable, effective and convenient in comparison to traditional methods of therapy. You have the advantage of choosing your own personal narcissistic abuse therapist and have the option to change if you’re not satisfied. You are completely in control of scheduling your sessions with your therapist, however and whenever you want to. Conduct therapy your way, via phone call, video call, text or even mail.

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What is narcissistic abuse?

Narcissistic abuse is when someone emotionally abuses you by using various methods (consciously or subconsciously) to manipulate you into submitting to them. If you have a narcissistic abusive friend you may have experienced things like them blaming you for not making plans on upkeeping the friendship, they get extremely jealous when you hang out with other friends or family, they may have guilt tripped you into feeling like you’re a bad friend even when their behavior or possible comments may have hurt you – somehow you are still to blame and they are always right.

 These are common signs of narcissistic abuse from friends:

  1. They have wildly unreasonable expectations of you.

 Narcissists expect their loved ones and families to cater to all their emotional needs. They are extremely demanding and expect you to anticipate their need for attention and appraisal, with no reciprocation whatsoever, it is a one way street that only benefits them.

 2.Projects, blames and makes you feel guilty.

 As master manipulators, narcissistic people will project their own negative feelings, emotions and characteristics onto you. They are extremely needy, ungrateful and never satisfied. They may even go to the extent of belittling or undermining you for pointing out their flaws.

 3.Extreme jealousy.

 Narcissistic people are extremely jealous of anything or anyone, their friends are only their friends. This can even go to the extent of being jealous of pets, family members, loved ones and personal objects. They frequently demand attention at the same time that you may have obligations and guilt trip you to make you feel bad.

 4.Abusive cycle.

 As a form of emotional abuse from a narcissistic friend, they will provoke you end the friendship and this will prove two things to them, firstly, that you’d actually leaven which gives them the opportunity to be the victim, secondly, they will use this against you further manipulate you and control the friendship.

 5.Abusive behavior.

 Narcissists will use different forms of abuse to intimidate and manipulate you. This way be physical, verbal or emotional. They may say hurtful things about you to lower your self-esteem and make you feel terrible about yourself. They may even use religion to shame you or financially abuse you.


 If you don’t comply with their wishes or reject their demands, they will threaten to harm you or themselves as a way to get you to submit and comply. They commonly use their insecurities to seek assurance from you or to make you feel somewhat responsible for their shortcomings.

 7.False remorse.

 They will use remorse as a tactic to manipulate you, they will bring up your past mistakes to shame you and make you seem like a bad and untrustworthy friend.

 Narcissistic friend abuse is extremely hard to avoid and to remove yourself from, you end up feeling responsible and guilty for putting your needs, sanity and peace first. If you have experienced narcissistic friend abuse or know of a friend in an abusive relationship, we strongly advise you to seek help from a professional therapist specializing in parasitic friend abuse. The psychological and emotional effects of narcissistic abuse can be extremely traumatic and can leave you faced with severe challenges if not treated in time and professionally.

How to detox from narcissistic abuse?

Figuring out how to detox from narcissistic abuse or looking to know how long it takes to recover from narcissistic abuse requires the help of a professional therapist specializing in narcissistic abuse to help guide you through narcissistic abuse therapy online.

 Recovery from narcissistic friend abuse will be different for each victim, depending on the severity of the abuse. We highly recommend connecting to a narcissistic abuse therapist to help you on your recovery journey.

 Detox and recovery from narcissistic friend abuse:

  1. Cold Turkey no more contact whatsoever.
  2. Distance yourself tremendously if you can
  3. Avoid interacting with them at social events
  4. Set strong boundaries and consequences to accompany them
  5. Make your social group, loved ones aware of the situation
  6. Restrict them from contacting you in any way
  7. Seek help from a professional therapist specializing in narcissistic abuse

How long does it take to recover from narcissistic abuse?

The aftermath and recovery process from narcissistic friend abuse is a long journey. You will need support from your loved ones and family, more importantly, a professional that will be able to advise you and help you create your own technique to recover from narcissistic abuse.

 1.Ease your fear.

 Being exposed to narcissistic friend abuse can leave you feeling distrusting of others, questioning everyone’s intentions and closing yourself off to new relationships. Working on lowering your anxiety and fear to recover from narcissistic friend abuse will help you avoid any further damage to yourself.

 2.Practice breathing.

 Breathing helps you to stay grounded, especially when you feel uneasy of anxious about something. As an effect of narcissistic friend abuse, you might experience anxiety or panic attacks as a result which can be triggered by many things you may not be consciously aware of. Take deep breaths when you start to feel your heart racing or have negative thoughts to help ease your body and your mind. Reaffirm yourself by saying positive affirmations to remind yourself that you are safe and the abuse was never your fault.

 3.Build a support system.

 Your loved ones, friends and family will need to support you through this recovery process. If you are uneasy about that you can also join a support group or better, connect to a professional therapist specializing in narcissistic friend abuse to give you the comfortable, safe and effective support and guidance you will need.

 4.Disengage completely.

 Cut the narcissistic abusive friend off immediately, do not allow them to contact you or interact with you or your close friends and family. Create distance to protect yourself and maintain your boundaries if you do see them.

 5.Take care of yourself.

 Get active, start new hobbies, connect with new people and maybe even travel. Make sure you are giving your body the best nutrition possible, and get enough good sleep. You will need it more than you realize as you recover from narcissistic friend abuse.

How does narcissistic abuse therapy online work?

Narcissistic abuse therapy online through BetterHelp gives you the advantage of conducting therapy from the comfort and convenience of your home. With a team of trained, experienced and professional therapists specializing in narcissistic abuse to choose from, you are guaranteed to be connected to the best online narcissistic abuse therapist to help guide you through how to detox from narcissistic abuse, they will also help you learn how does it take to recover from narcissistic abuse.

How will narcissistic abuse therapy online improve my life?

With the close guidance and support from a therapist specializing in narcissistic emotional abuse, you will learn how to identify the signs of narcissistic emotional abuse in a friendship, what if you’re in a narcissistic abusive relationship, you will also learn how to heal from narcissistic friend abuse. We believe that healing should be your priority as a victim of narcissistic emotional abuse. At BetterHelp we guarantee you the safest, convenient and most affordable online narcissistic abuse therapy. Understand that the abuse was not your fault, let go of the pain, hurt and disappointment and heal yourself today.

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