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Covert emotional abuse is one of the most subtle but damaging forms of abuse. It is the hardest abuse form to identify and even describe, especially if you’re experiencing it. It’s kept in secret, hidden, not acknowledged, or not denied all at the same time.

Covert emotional abuse is far more psychological and emotional, it can be hard to recognize the signs from the onlooker or even the victim.

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How do I find a good therapist to treat a covert emotional abuse marriage?

Because covert emotional abuse can be such a challenging thing to recognize or identify the signs of, we strongly recommend reaching out to a professional therapist for emotional abuse near me as you may need the help and guidance of a professional to be able to learn how to deal with emotional abuse in a marriage. With Regain emotional abuse therapists, we understand that having to acknowledge that you may be a victim of covert emotional abuse in a marriage can be extremely difficult, we assure you that you are in safe space, connected to the most professional and experienced emotional abuse therapists that are there to help you, guide you and teach you – more importantly, to support you on your journey to healing and freeing yourself from the pain.

With Regain online emotional abuse therapy, you will find the answers to the questions that you have, ‘What is considered emotional abuse in a marriage?’, ‘How to deal with emotional abuse in a marriage?’, ‘What are the risks of staying in an emotionally abusive relationship?’, ‘How do I see the signs of emotional abuse in marriage?’.

All these questions are deeply emotional and can cause anxiety, fear and stress that affects other areas of your life, connect to a Regain emotional abuse therapist to avoid any further damages as a consequence of an emotionally abusive relationship or marriage.

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What is covert emotional abuse in marriage?

Covert emotional abuse is a form of psychological abuse within a relationship. It is a form of control, manipulation, and intimidation. It can also be physical, most times leaving wounds or bruises that are somewhat ‘explainable’, or easy to cover up and deny.

Many victims of covert emotional abuse in marriage are unaware or blinded to the situation until it’s too late. The reason they are unaware is due to the fact that they don’t see the behavior as abusive, it is so subtle and easy to overlook that they end up becoming complacent and staying in an emotionally abusive marriage. Most times covert emotional abuse is only recognised by a professional therapist for emotional abuse near me.

When you’ve recognized any signs of emotional abuse in a marriage from an emotionally abusive spouse, we strongly advise you to reach out to a professional therapist for emotional abuse near me to help you understand what is considered emotional abuse in a marriage and learn how to deal with an emotionally abusive spouse. Confronting something as painful as covert abuse in a marriage can be a traumatic experience that requires the emotional and professional support from an experienced therapist.

Indicators of emotional abuse in marriage can be very hard to identify, as the nature of the abuse is so insidious and subtle. If you’re experiencing any of the following signs of emotional abuse in marriage, do not ignore them.

  1. Belittling

If your spouse belittles you in any way, questions your intelligence or downplays your emotional reactions, makes negative comments and continually makes you feel ashamed or embarrassed is a sign of covert emotional abuse. Emotionally abusive spouses will identify where your weaknesses are and pry on that, twisting the truth in such a way that makes you feel confused and doubtful of yourself.


When you first meet, they will seem unbelievably charming and perfect, as the relationship progresses, they will start to mirror your values and morals and present themselves as vulnerable in order to get you to let your guard down and trust them. Psychologists call this “grooming” a tactic used by emotionally abusive spouses to lure you into a trap. It is betrayal of who they truly are.


A covert emotionally abusive spouse will find ways in which they can isolate you from your friends, family and loved ones. Expressing their distrust and doubts of these people.  They might make you feel fearful or uncomfortable when they express feelings about your neighbours. They may even sulk or give you silent treatment if you want to spend time with friends and family as a tactic to coerce you to stay with them.

4․Controlling behavior

Emotionally abusive people need to have control over everything, it gives them more power. They make you feel as though you’re doing something wrong when wanting to go out with friends or family, if you go out together, they’ll sulk and be dissatisfied the whole time to make you feel guilty.

5․Maintaining a pristine reputation

This is what makes covert emotional abuse extremely hard to identify. The abuse is adored by everyone, they’re charming and never show signs of abusive behavior. They intentionally offer to help or support others in order to keep themselves in a favourable position, that way no one will believe or even think that they’re abusing you.


If you insist on leaving an emotionally abusive relationship, they’ll threaten to reveal your character with negative comments to your friends and family, telling them that you’re unstable and untrustworthy. And as they’ve maintained a high reputation, people will believe them over you.

7․Deflects responsibility

If an abusive spouse hits you or breaks things, they’ll turn around and blame you, saying things like, “you made me angry, I had no choice.”. They will never take responsibility for their actions, instead they will turn the situation around and somehow make themselves a victim.

8․Playing the victim

Covert abusers play the victim. They will always act like they are more hurt than you after an instance. They will use your sympathy to excuse their own behavior, for example, they will ignore you or give you silent treatment to punish you. As a result, if you attempt to point out their behavior, they will try to get your sympathy, act hurt, twist the situation and make it your fault, pretend to have self-hatred, blame previous relationships, family or work pressure as an excuse.

9․Gaslighting and word twisting

Covert abusers will make you question your own sanity and thoughts. They will play psychological games with you that leave you feeling doubtful of yourself. They make you feel as though your feelings are invalid and wrong by changing the subject to confuse you. They will say things like, “Oh, and you’re so perfect?”, “You’ve never made a mistake?”, “Am I that terrible?”. All these signs are clear indicators of covert emotional abuse in a marriage.

As a team of experienced emotional abuse therapists that have worked with thousands of couples experiencing covert emotional abuse in a marriage, we strongly advise that you recognize and acknowledge these signs and reach out to a professional emotional abuse therapist as soon as possible to avoid having to face further effects of emotional abuse in marriage.

How to deal with emotional abuse in a marriage?

Learning how to deal with emotional abuse in a marriage or finding ways to navigate how staying in an emotionally abusive marriage would work and understanding the risks is emotionally and mentally exhausting, it can cause you multitudes of anxiety and chronic stress. Connecting with a professional emotional abuse therapist as a support structure to help you cope and strengthen yourself in order to face your challenges would be helpful.

 You can try these steps to try and help you deal with emotional abuse in a marriage:

  1. Connection

 Start building a support structure, reach out to friends and family and reconnect with old friends you may have neglected. These people will become your trusted confidants.


 If you anticipate the routine of abuse, it helps you to not take it personally and realize that it is not your fault. Knowing and acknowledging the patterns of abuse will bring you more clarity on the situation.


 It’s important to establish personal boundaries, and be assertive when it comes to how you want to be treated. Make these and stick to them. This will empower you and give you more confidence and control.


 Assert these wants, needs and boundaries without being agreeable or willing to negotiate. Speak up and don’t put your needs aside to accommodate someone else’s feelings.

 5․Take it back

 Take back the power, take the reins back, you control what you expose yourself to, you can control and navigate the conversation. You don’t have to succumb to your partner’s power and allow someone to mistreat you.


 You don’t have to stick around, if things are becoming overly critical or insulting and begin to affect you emotionally, mentally or physically, you have the power to exit. Leave the room, end the phone call or end the relationship.

 We understand that none of this is easy to do, it is extremely challenging to deal with. We encourage you to reach out to a certified and professional emotional abuse therapist to start recovering from covert emotional abuse through either emotional abuse therapy near me or couples counseling for emotional abuse. It is safer and more effective to have a third impartial person to mediate and guide you through these challenges.

How does online therapy for a covert emotional abuse marriage work?

With Regain online methods of therapy, we connect you to the most eligible emotional abuse therapists, with a wide selection of certified, experienced and professional therapists to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the best match for you. Our online covert emotional abuse marriage therapy sessions are affordable, convenient and effective, you are fully in control and have the advantage of scheduling your sessions as and when you please – your therapist will be available and at your service 24/7 whenever you need them. If along the line you feel you’d like to change therapists, you are more than welcome to switch at any time.

Safe, affordable, convenient online methods of therapy wherever you are and however you prefer.

How will online therapy for covert emotional abuse in marriage redesign my life?

Overcoming and healing from a covert emotional abuse marriage can be overwhelming and traumatic to have to deal with alone. At Regain we offer you support, guidance and advice to ensure that you’re able to strengthen yourself again and be in a better position to confront your challenges one step at a time.

At the end of your emotional abuse therapy near me with the close guidance of a therapist for emotional abuse near me, you would have learnt how to identify the signs of covert abuse in marriage, talk about emotional abuse in marriage; ‘the silent treatment’, and find ways to safely and effectively confront an emotionally abuse spouse.

If you’ve experienced any form of emotional abuse in a marriage or relationship, or know of anyone that has, we recommend finding:

  1. A therapist for emotional abuse near me
  2. Emotional abuse therapy near me
  3. Couples counseling emotional abuse near me

At Regain, your healing is our first priority. You come first.

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