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Emotional abuse in any relationship is mentally and psychologically damaging to both husband and wife.

If you have ever been threatened with a divorce within your marriage, experienced emotional abuse or domestic abuse, you could possibly be facing anxiety from the abusive relationship.

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Regain emotional abuse counseling will help you and your partner recover from experiencing emotional, verbal or physical abuse in your marriage, and learn to respect each other.

If you feel as though you may need help identifying the signs and symptoms of emotional abuse, dealing with verbal abuse in marriage or learning how to manage, cope and heal anxiety from abusive relationship, we highly recommend starting Regain emotional abuse counseling.

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Regain offers the most effective, convenient and affordable emotional abuse counseling for you alone, or you and your partner, separately or together in session.

With a large selection of highly professional, experienced and certified emotional abuse counselors and therapists, rest assured you are receiving the best emotional abuse counseling.

We understand that facing challenges as sensitive as emotional, verbal or physical abuse is not easy. We assure you that we will offer you the safest, effective and personal emotional abuse counseling with Regain.

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When looking to connect with a Regain emotional abuse counselor or therapist, to make the process easier for you and your partner – we suggest trying to identify the pain points that you are facing, to ensure that you are getting the right treatment to regain your marriage.

Our team of emotional abuse therapists and psychologists have taken the time to formulate a quick and easy process for you to get matched with the most appropriate and suitable emotional abuse therapist for you. By carefully answering this questionnaire.

Whether you need to let go and forgive a spouse for emotional abuse, if you need help identifying signs of emotional abuse, talking about domestic abuse and the effects of a verbally abusive relationship. Regain  online emotional abuse counseling can help you overcome these hurdles.

Why is threatening divorce a form of emotional abuse?

Marriage is hard. It is near impossible to have a marriage with no arguments, disagreements, or conflict. Every marriage naturally has its flaws. When there is tension between two spouses, unresolved feelings or hurts can easily escalate into full blown arguments.

Everyone has their triggers, and no one knows how to set them off quite like your partner. In arguments when one or both spouses are operating from a place of deep hurt or unresolved pain, saying hurtful and spiteful things like ‘divorce’ can cause emotional damage and open doors that shouldn’t be open.

It is highly advised by our Regain emotional abuse counselors to avoid bringing up or using divorce as a threat in your marriage to prove a point or express your hurt or anger.

Threatening divorce as emotional abuse in your marriage causes irreversible damage, whether it was said out of hurt or anger. It is normal to have thoughts about divorce – using it as a threat is not. If you are wondering, ‘Is threatening divorce emotional abuse?’ – yes, it is.

Some couples think about divorce but stay blissfully happy, however, in some cases couples are faced with emotional abuse, verbal abuse and as a result find themselves challenged with anxiety from emotionally abusive relationships.

Why our emotional abuse counselors say threatening divorce is emotional abuse:

Marriage is a lifelong commitment to your partner, you’ve vowed to stand by this person through thick and thin, better or for worse, for richer or poorer.

When divorce is used as a threat, it creates a sense of instability and you lose your sense of security and trust. If divorce is not your true intention, refrain from mentioning it.

What are the signs and symptoms of emotional abuse?

Regardless of your communication style as a couple, threatening divorce as a form of emotional or verbal abuse shouldn’t be happening. If you’re concerned about whether your partner is showing signs of emotional abuse, here are some signs and symptoms of emotional abuse.

1․Negating, criticizing and humiliation

Someone that is emotionally abusing you and will use name calling and derogatory nicknames to degrade you, saying things like ‘stupid’, ‘idiot’, or highlight your sensitive areas subtly, ‘my chubby bunny’. They will dismiss your requests to stop.

2․Assassinating your character

This form of emotional abuse usually involves the word ‘always’. For example, ‘you’re always late’, ‘you’re always wrong’. These comments are made to describe your behavior to others.

3․Yelling and shouting

Communication is essential. If your partner can’t have a calm and civilized conversation, they continually yell, shout or swear in order to intimidate you or small. They may never hit you but they throw things, pound a fist or find ways to damage property.


When you’re sharing something of concern to you, they dismiss your feelings or show dismissive body language like head shaking, smirking, eye rolling or sighing.

5․Insulting things you can’t change

Many abusive partners make insults about your physicality, question your intelligence or even make remarks about your outfits when going out to make you insecure or feel ashamed.

6․Pushing your buttons

No one knows you like your partner, an emotionally abusive partner will find things that annoy you and continually mention it and ignore your requests to stop.

If any of these signs or symptoms of emotional abuse have made you feel as though you may be experiencing this in your relationship, your next step is to connect to an emotional abuse counselor to help you through these challenges.

Covert Emotional Abuse Marriage

How does online therapy for emotional abuse work?

Acknowledging, confronting and healing from emotional abuse, anxiety from emotionally abusive relationship, an emotionally abusive partner or a verbally abusive partner is challenging, painful and can be traumatic.

Online therapy for emotional abuse is designed to help you find the best ways to deal with these challenges.

Our counseling sessions deal with pain points such as threatening divorce, covert emotional abuse marriage, how to forgive a spouse for emotional abuse, identifying what is emotional abuse from a partner and helping you and your partner understand how and why something as small as always apologizing is a sign of emotional abuse.

Emotional abuse counseling is there to teach you how to overcome trauma from domestic abuse, verbal abuse and healing from the effects of emotional abuse such as developing anxiety from abusive relationships.

How will online therapy for emotional abuse improve my marriage?

Through intently working through your challenges with your emotional abuse counselor, you are given the opportunity to open up about your emotional abuse experiences:

  • Learn to understand why threatening divorce emotional abuse can cause psychological damage
  • How to forgive a spouse for emotional abuse
  • Signs my partner is emotionally abusive

… through online therapy for emotional abuse.

It’s important to identify these signs and signals of emotional abuse earlier rather than later.

Through either online therapy for emotional abuse, domestic abuse therapy or verbal abuse counseling, Regain will made it possible to heal your marriage.

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