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In marriage it is inevitable to encounter challenges. As human beings we are flawed, we have our faults and own personal challenges.

Identifying the signs your spouse is emotionally abusive with the help of a Christian marriage therapist near me can help you learn how to overcome these painful hurdles and receive the best online emotional abuse counselling.

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How do I find a good Christian marriage therapist near me?

In times where you may find yourself troubled by or challenged with situations or circumstances that are unfavourable, it is important to hold onto your faith, pray on the matter, and always  refer back to your bible. If you are looking for additional support to make sure that you are doing the right thing, if you need more knowledge on a certain subject or maybe you are looking to keep your family together with God at the centre and foundation.

Faithful Counseling will connect you to the best Christian marriage therapist for Christian marriage counselling, or Christian family therapy.  What you can expect for Faithful Counseling Christian Counseling or Christian Marriage therapy sessions is to learn about how to deal with an emotionally abusive wife, signs your spouse is emotionally abusive, reaching an answer and finding clarity to your questions, ‘Can an abuser change?’, ‘How should I deal with an emotionally abusive wife?’, ‘What does the Bible say about a covert emotional abuse marriage?’, ‘What are the effects of emotional abuse?’.

Faithful Counseling has made it possible for you to connect to the best Christian marriage therapist that will uphold your values, faith and privacy. Helping to guide you through the challenges you’ve facing with the help of the Bible. Getting started, we want to assure you that all of our Christian marriage counselors and Christian marriage therapists at Faithful Counseling are certified, professional and experienced.

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My wife is emotionally abusive, what can I do?

In Christian marriages, God and the bible should remain at the forefront for your marriage at all times. Recognizing the signs your spouse is emotionally abusive or that your wife is emotionally abusive can be extremely painful to admit and even harder to confront and overcome. Faithful counseling Christian marriage therapists will be able to offer you the guidance you need to deal with these challenges.

It is important to look for the indicators or signs your spouse is emotionally abusive. Emotional abuse in marriage can cause anxiety, depression, insecurity and a number of other psychological issues – not to mention the sometimes irreversible damage to the marriage.

If your wife is emotionally abusive, you may find yourself wondering if an abuser can change, in hopes that you may be able to let the abuse subside on its own. Unfortunately when you’re in an emotionally abusive marriage – you are at risk of being helpless, confused and unable to communicate your feelings and thoughts properly.

Things you can try if your wife is emotionally abusive:

  • Call out the emotionally abusive behavior
  • Identify the behavior that makes you feel a certain way
  • Discuss it in a calm & safe environment
  • Set boundaries
  • Set consequences

Suppose you’re at a crossroads, and need help figuring out what to do next, or how to deal with emotional abuse in a marriage – our suggestion would be to find the best Christian marriage therapist near me, or Christian counseling for Emotional Abuse.

What are signs your spouse is emotionally abusive?

Emotionally abusive spouses can display signs of covert emotional abuse, verbal abuse and even physical abuse. An emotionally abusive wife is not something to dismiss, in fact we encourage you to reach out to a Christian marriage therapist near me to offer you the best Christian advice on emotional abuse in marriage.

How to identify the signs your spouse is emotionally abusive:

In most emotionally abusive marriages when the wife is emotionally abusive, it is overlooked or unnoticed because many people feel as though it is absurd due to the fact that husbands are usually abusive.

  1. Controlling and restrictive behavior

One of the most common signs of an emotionally abusive wife is that she will try by all means to isolate you and control your movements. From dictating who you spend time with, places you go, how you spend your money or even what you wear and what you eat. These are subtle but extremely potent means to controlling behavior from an emotionally abusive wife.

It is a form of non-verbal or physical abuse that still gives her the control she wants. If she refuses to talk to you, intimidate you or even sulk until she gets her way – that is a clear sign of emotional abuse in marriage.

2.Violence or rage

Many emotionally abusive wives will use violence or unnecessary rage to intimidate you. Even if it is subtle, things like punching you, slapping you or damaging property around you are signs your spouse is emotionally abusive.

3.Unwarranted or extreme jealousy

Emotionally abusive wives are extremely envious of others. You may notice her mood change as soon as she sees you speaking to anyone else or even paying too much attention to family members.

4.Unreasonable reactions

When you make a mistake, seemingly there is absolutely nothing you can do to make it up to her – regardless of how minute the mistake may be, you seem to have to beg and plead for her forgiveness.

5.Instilling Fear

Being placed in situations and circumstances that might make you fear your life or safety. If you have experienced instances where she tries to threaten you, manipulate you or control you to the point where you begin to dread being around her out of fear. You have an emotionally abusive spouse and you are in an emotionally abusive relationship.

6.Shifting blame

Finding any and every way to blame others, her inability to take responsibility and be accountable to wrongdoings or she finds ways to always blame you for anything that goes wrong.


A form of psychological manipulation that is used to confuse you into thinking your responses are wrong and your reactions are invalid and insane. An abusive wife will have you wondering if you’re crazy as a result of her confusing you to the point where you doubt yourself.

Dealing with something as sensitive and emotionally draining as having an emotionally abusive wife can be a tough challenge to get through. We highly recommend sharing the load with a certified, professional and experienced Christian Marriage Therapist that will be able to give you the best Christian marriage counseling for emotional abuse and help you to overcome these traumatic and stressful challenges.

How does online Christian counseling for emotional abuse work?

Christian therapy, Christian marriage counseling or emotional abuse therapy is specifically structured to help you learn, acknowledge and overcome challenges you are faced with. When connecting to Faithful Counseling for Christian counseling, you will learn how to identify covert emotional abuse, what to do if you have an emotionally abusive wife, or get help identifying signs your spouse is emotionally abusive.

All of our Christian counselors and Christian marriage therapists are well-versed and educated in Christian Marriage. They are able to give you the best Christian advice on emotional abuse in marriage, they will also guide you through dealing with the trauma and effects of emotional abuse in marriage, verbal abuse in marriage and how to confront and forgive an abusive spouse.

Many Christian families and spouses face challenges in their marriages, and if not dealt with professionally with the right Christian counseling, it can cause long lasting emotional, mental and psychological damage for both spouses and their families. We recommend considering consulting a Christian marriage and family therapist if your family has been affected by any of these challenges.

Christian Counseling Emotional Abuse

How will online Christian counseling for emotional abuse improve my life?

Put yourself, your family and God first. It’s important to heal from any form of abuse, particularly if it is from an emotionally or verbally abusive marriage or relationship. The consequences of unresolved abuse can cause deeply rooted challenges in the long run for both you and your family.

Rebuild the foundation of your faith and your family through online Christian counseling for abuse and start healing today with Faithful Counseling .

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