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Being a victim of emotional abuse is a traumatic experience that leaves you with psychological scars. Mainly if it comes from an emotionally abusive husband, with whom you live daily.

If left untreated, you are at risk of developing further challenges – depression, anxiety, PTSD and other symptoms of mental, emotional or psychological damage.

 If you are experiencing emotional abuse in your marriage from an emotionally abusive husband, We strongly suggest that you seek help from a professional, certified and experienced emotional abuse therapist to help you overcome your trauma through therapy for emotional abuse with Faithful Counseling.

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Faithful Counseling offers the best, most effective and affordable Christian therapy or online counseling to help you deal with challenges in your marriage such as an emotionally abusive husband, talking about what does the bible say about verbally abusive husband, or learning to manage the damage done from a verbally abusive alcoholic father. Faithful Counseling therapy for emotional abuse or Christian marriage therapy, you will be able to offload the weight of carrying the effects of verbal abuse from husband.

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Signs of a marriage with an emotionally abusive spouse.

What is emotional abuse?

 Emotional abuse is a form of psychological abuse. It is usually used by someone in an attempt to control, overpower or dominate you.

 When you find yourself in an emotionally abusive marriage or relationship, it can be hard to confront the person that may be emotionally abusing you, verbally abusing you or physically abusing you. It is particularly harmful to experience any form of abuse from your spouse, whether it is an emotionally abusive husband or an emotionally abusive wife – being a victim of abuse causes tremendous damage to someone’s psychological, emotional and mental well-being.

 Unfortunately, in marriages couples face challenges that can become bigger than them, especially if there’s any form of mistreatment such as verbal or emotional abuse. It’s important to identify and acknowledge the signs and effects of emotional or verbal abuse from a husband in order to avoid any further harm to yourself.

 How to identify the signs of an emotionally abusive husband:

  • Verbal or other forms of threats
  • Aggressive verbal communication (yelling, swearing, name calling)
  • Public or private humiliation
  • Hurtful name-calling or insults
  • Silent treatment or ignoring you
  • Dismissing your feelings or emotions
  • Gaslighting
  • Controlling and isolating you from friends or family
  • Manipulation

 Emotional abuse is a form of domestic violence. Marriages that are abusive are not always physical, most times there are forms of covert emotional abuse, or psychological abuse which is harder to recognize – particularly if you are the victim.

 Identifying if your spouse is emotionally or verbally abusive can be very complex, however, you can take note of patterns that start to occur. For example, if you’ve just had an argument – one or more of the above mentioned signs would be detectable. An emotionally abusive husband will start to behave a certain way when certain incidents happen and take it out on you.

 The indicators of an emotionally abusive relationship are important to look out for if you are having doubts of being in an emotionally abusive relationship or recovering from anxiety, depression or trauma from a previously abusive relationship.

 You may not always be able to spot it right away, but look out for behavior such as:

 Overly jealous behavior and possessive feelings

 An abusive partner often can disguise their possessiveness and controlling feelings with overly positive feelings towards you to confuse you.

 Gaslighting and shifting blame

 Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation to make you question your reality and sometimes even your sanity. They may unfairly shift blame for their bad behavior on you.

 Manipulation and Ultimatums

 An emotionally abusive partner may use threats of suicide, self-harm or blackmail as an attempt to stop you from leaving. 

 Emotional Distancing as Punishment

 If you’ve made a mistake or done something that has upset your partner – they become extremely distant and cold. It seems nothing you do will be able to get them to forgive you. This is a form of emotional distancing as punishment.

How to forgive a spouse for emotional abuse?

Faithful Counseling therapy for emotional abuse or Christian marriage therapy will offer you the best Christian advice on emotional abuse, refer back to what does the bible say about verbally abusive husband and how take the necessary steps towards how to forgive a spouse for emotional abuse and giving you the opportunity to understand the depths and effects of emotional and verbal abuse, and ask any questions you may have on your heart.

Forgiving a spouse for emotional abuse is not an easy journey, you have to acknowledge and accept that someone you trust, love and deeply care for has put you in a painful emotional state, where you’re now faced with challenges and trauma that can be very difficult. The nature of these marital problems become much bigger than both spouses and you may find that you have no guidance or knowledge on how to deal with it.

When taking the steps towards forgiving your husband for emotional abuse, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s also for your benefit as much as it is for your marriage and your family.

Remember that you have no control over his behavior and you can’t change what has been done, but you can heal from it.

  1. Make a list of the wrongs he’s committed, be as specific as possible when listing these instances.
  2. Create a second list of your responses towards his actions. If there were times you responded by wronging him out of anger or hurt – write these down too. It’s important to firmly ask him to stop, instead of yelling, manipulating or physically harming him.
  3. If your responses were harmful, it’s important to recognize that it is offensive regardless of his offenses.
  4. Recognize that forgiveness starts with forgiving yourself before anyone else.
  5. Grieve the loss. When emotional abuse is introduced within your marriage – there is a loss of security, trust, self-esteem and unity
  6. Forgiveness does not mean you are vulnerable. It is to help you let go of the anger, frustration or hurt you may hold onto towards your husband because you think it will protect you from future abuse. It won’t. Holding on to the pain will only make you bitter.
  7. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that things have to go back to the way they were before, nor does it mean forgetting. You can accept what has happened without foolishly overextending your trust
  8. When you have truly forgiven your husband, it means that you treat them with respect and hope for the best. Forgiveness is an initial decision of the mind but the heart takes time to grieve what has happened. Be patient.

You are not forgiving him for anything else beyond the fact that you are a person of grace that deserves peace.

How does online Christian marriage therapy work?

At Faithful Counseling , we value, respect and uphold the word of God and the Bible when we conduct our Christian marriage therapy. It is important to us that you feel comfortable when addressing sensitive and intimate matters like emotional abuse, the effects of verbal abuse from husband, how to deal with an emotionally abusive husband or seeking to understand can an emotional abuser change.

Christian marriage therapists have been able to heal Christian marriages that have been faced with painful challenges such as these. We assure you that our Christian marriage therapy for emotional abuse is of a high standard, we ensure that you will receive the best and most effective Christian advice on emotional abuse in marriage.

You have the advantage of selecting your own Christian marriage therapist that you feel comfortable with, you are also able to schedule sessions based on your availability and preference of conducting sessions – phone call, video call, text or mail, the choice is yours.

How will Christian marriage therapy help me enhance the quality of my life?

Your healing is our number one priority. We take pride in our affordable, effective and convenient online therapy sessions and services. With Christian marriage therapy, you will learn how to regain strength in order to heal from the effects of an abusive relationship as well as rebuild your marriage, your unity, trust and strength through Christ. You will feel that you have more direction and confidence when dealing with conflict that may arrive later in your life.

 Letting go and learning to forgive yourself and your partner will give you a deep sense of peace and control in your life. Get healed and allow yourself to live a fulfilled life.

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